Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread







This cuts through me everytime , classic





Epic stuff


Of course, yer wan Tawney and her legendary gallivanting on the Jag has 'nowt to do with this being a guilty…ahem…pleasure, right? :wink:


I’m all about the music baby :wink:


One of the great tracks @Rochey - ELO would have been a guitly pleasure of mine. A New World Record and Out of the Blue were two exceptional albums.


Overblown and bombastic?


An 'ohmage to one mans over inflated opinion of himself?

Oh HELL yes !

Another Spewan McKenna article?


Often played at half time of Atlanta Hawks games in Philips Arena. They turn off the lights. Crank up the speakers and let this bad boy rip. The arena was purpose built to hold concerts after the Olympics, so the acoustics are perfect. Bliss !


A blast from the 80’s I heard while shopping today with The Mrs…

There was obviously an 80’s theme going on as they also played “You’re The Voice” by John Farnham.

Just googled there… Sleeping Satellite is from 1992, not the 80’s


Gas thing is they’re no longer considered a guilty pleasure with the benefit of hindsight. And even gasser still, Abba used to be considered a GP too, as did this guy:


Jihn Denver, very useful every five years or so…

You Fill Out My Census

I actually like John Denver,


So do I. He was great live. Some of his stuff (Country Roads, Rocky Mountain High) was great, but a lot was fierce dreepy. As was his image.

Not so this guy ! :heart_eyes:

Don’t think he ever got the credit he deserved for his voice alone. Far too many gimicky songs and silly outfits & not enough truely great songs that showcase his incredible voice.

Just LOVE this one. The Yoo Toob vid doesn’t do it justice. It sounds way better in the the car, as the bass levels are set perfectly to highlight the seriously badass gee-tire.


Great track.


Fantastic voice on this lady. Remember been at me first disco in corduff in the 80’s as I was staying in my cousins and getting charles manson looks form what would become the westies gang. Her and vince clarke where brilliant in yazoo!