Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Fair play - I reckon that was the one alright!


More like late 70’s or early 80’s than 60’s, though?
I always wondered why Frank Bough looked like he couldn’t wait to get off the set at the end of Grandstand’s broadcast. It was like he was dying to get somewhere else in a hurry.


Any fans of this?


It used to be my bedtime reading until someone told me I shouldn’t be sleeping with the NME …


Yes. Bought it every week from about 1973 until the mid 80’s. Also used to get Sounds and Melody Maker, but NME was the best read. It was very fickle though, they were all pro prog rock until 76, then punk suddenly was king before being dumped for new wave in turn.


The year after Black '47? No not that old!


My favourite track of 1984. Brilliant.


Great track Rufus, I’d forgotten all about that one. Did it help ease the pain of Tyrone winning the Anglo Celt by beating Armagh in the final for the first time ever?


I’m a big Mark hollis fan. Maybe because he decided to jack it all in when he was satisfied with what he had done, still I’d love to see him live. Very few interviews to be had on him. But this is quality. For Talk Talk fans.


Going down and seeing Dublin beat Tyrone in the semi-final helped ease the pain, Al. :wink:



Had these two tunes in my mind today for some reason…


Nice tunes to have in your head bro.


Guilty pleasure…



Two of my top 20 tunes there. There’s a great version of Landslide on their 1997 tour live videos. But the show stealer in that tour for me is:


Has to be a Guilty Pleasure thread!

**Edit: Thread title will need to be qualified…


You should be qualified to edit that now , I know I can :laughing:


A thread just called “Guilty Pleasure Thread” would need to be qualified…


All these songs are guilty pleasures to me :grinning:


First one of the night dedicated to Frank the Tank