Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Great tune back in the day !



Great shout on The The.
In case you dont know they are playing the Iveagh Gardens on 7 July.
The Infected album would be in my Top 10 albums even after all these years.
This song really resonates today too


Have me tickets :ok_hand:, praying Johnny Marr makes a cameo!


Always loved this track The Cure - Burn, of a great soundtrack from a great film.


Remake on the way with Aquaman from Justice League :eyes:


Never heard that before. Thats unreal. Even the vinyl at he start. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


This is another goodie imo

I could bore for Ireland on plagiarism
( so we see sez you! )


Your slowly destroying all my musical greats :sweat:


Sorry pal… bit of an obvious one…


I’ll never be the same again …:laughing:


The Jam was before Ublvble’s time as well!


Something’s just can’t be unknown once you know it . And your right , the jam were well before my time .


Nova played the BBC Grandstand tune yesterday and a well known song from the 60s which was a blatant rip off - but I can’t for the life of me remember! It was mostly the opening bars I think! Anyone?


Think these guys ripped it off

Keith Mansfield originally wrote it I think , according to the interwebs .


What about Eagles Hotel California being a rip off of Jethro Tull’s We Used to Know?
It’s the same chord sequence but in a different tempo. The two bands were on the same bill in the USA for a while. I’m going back a bit I know.


Always reminds me of this


It also starts off like…



Way back.

Do you remember the snow of '48??