Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


So he was listening to the Beatles & then probably the Rutles & came across that song through Innes. That’s unreal . I’ve never heard about that either . I knew obviously about the Beatles stuff , Bolan , etc but that was a big song for them .


Pretty bare faced alright.

“Did you write that song yourself Noel?”

“Definitely maybe” :grinning:


A contemporary of Mr. Gallagher a mr. Ashcroft would of felt bittsweet excuse the pun about this track.


Some tune in fairness though it prompted arseholes at the time to shoulder people :japanese_ogre:


An arse holes anthem. You’d find the whiney fook’s poster on the wall of the sitting room or bedroom of every troublemaker going for a few years back then.

One thing that bugs me about some of “the greatest bands ever” is they almost all have a lead singer with that look, coz that’s the look people want to see. A lot of the rest is manufactured around that


A bit like Swing Low, Sweet Chariot…


Who you referring to al? Jagger, Gallagher or Ashcroft?


I was being facetious. This was never a serious point. And it certainly wasn’t Jagger or Noely


Man id pay big money to see Mark Hollis live. Seriously. Love this track.


Got to see this dude in Kilmainham. One item scratched of the bucket list.


Ok maybe it doesn’t belong in the good music thread, anyone remember Robin Of Sherwood form the 1980’s and Clannads killer soundtrack to it?


I remember winning something somewhere (Sunday Press maybe??) for knowing that Mary Elizabeth Mastroantonio was Robin Hood’s squeeze? But damned if I can remember her name now.


Morricone will be considered as one of the all-time, greatest classical composers for centuries, in my opinion.


Th lady in question was Judi Trott. Fine looking woman with the MC1R mutation.


Agree. Was a fantastic experience to see him live.


Yeh some great stuff from them that era.


Greatest Oscar travesty of all time, that The Mission didn’t win the gong for Best Original Soundtrack.


Agree - best orchestrated soundtrack of all time. Genius work.


You do realise Gwyneth Paltrow has an Oscar? :wink:


Suede’s Animal Nitrate - wonderful, wonderful track from an absolutely brilliant album. A track that would be close to my all time top ten.