Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Seems to be a nz music love in here. What about dame kiri te kanawa? FWIW Neil Finn has penned some great tunes but imho the chills and straitjacket fits are their best musical exports.


Check out The Bads


The Finns are more Irish than Bundee Aki! They attribute their music talents to their Irish heritage.


I d say everyone is more Irish than bundee aki.


Probably… I just wouldn’t say it to his face, personally.


1978 has to be the greatest year in the history of pop music. Back then, some acts used to record special versions of songs to mime to on TOTP. I’m sure this is one such example, as it sounds different to me from the original recording - slightly heavier on the keyboards. It is absolutely sensational!


Was Lionel Messi singing this earlier?


That’s one for over a few pints Rufus!


Hey Rufus, if I read that statement right, did you turn to rock for comfort after 77? :wink:

Danny Doyle had a hit with Dublin in the Rare Auld Times that year…


One of my friends got me a 1978 compilation for my 40th recently and some of the tunes on it are absolutely fantastic, this being my favourite:



The year that on one hand gave us Mull of Kintyre, Matchtalk Men and Matchtalk Cats and Dogs, The Smurf Song, One For You, One For Me (by a fat pervert paedo), YMCA and any amount of bottomless shite from “Grease”

but also gave us Wuthering Heights and The Man With The Child in His Eyes, Lovely Day (Bill Withers), Denis and Picture This (Blondie), Because the Night (Patti Smith), Life’s Been Good (Joe Walsh), Ever Fallen In Love, Down in The Tube Station at Midnight, Hit Me With You Rhythm Stick and Rat Trap. I wasn’t a big fan of the Boomtwon Rats but when they knocked Travolta and Olivia Newton-John off No 1 with Rat Trap, they tore up a magazine cover with a picture of Travolta and ON-J at the start of their No. 1 performance on TOTP.


Billy Connolly and Gerry Rafferty were once a folk duo before achieving greater individual fame.


Poor Gerry - a tragic figure.

This '78 (those old enough will get that) is an all time classic for me and I think I posted link before but no apologies for that. Indeed a great year!


Was at Morrissey last night and he was brilliant. First time I’ve seen him live and he was better than I expected.

The graphics behind the stage were very good too especially this one


Great stuff. Night Owl (video done in a small studio in the 70s), Right Down the Line, and Get it Right Next Time are great tracks. He sure was a troubled guy, the look in his eyes says alot, presumably when he had th’aul dhrink thaken.
There’s a great tribute done to him by the Celtic Connections crew (its an annual show in Glasgow featuring alot of different artists) from a few years back, Ron Sexsmith did a super version of Right Down. The lad didn’t look too well though, hope he’s ok.


Bit harsh about Mull, terrible video I grant you but it’s up there in my Guilty Pleasures list, along with the likes of I am Sailing, and this:

Not in my guilty pleasures but I know it will get lumped in there by the rocker fraternity on here is this, swathed in the dopiest of grooves:

Those are both from 70/71, and I would argue either of those years could lay claim to being labelled greatest year for pop in history.

This is my poirsonal fave from that period:


Lovely day - just love that track always love hearing it


Bill holds a note for 18 seconds near the end. Great track.

1978 also gave us Yvonne Elliman ‘If I can’t have you’ also ‘Love is in the air’ … all that teenage angst coming back … :joy:


Yvonne Eliman beautiful lady in the 70’s singing a savage song from one of the best soundtracks of all time. You should be dancing and a fifth of Beethoven still fresh.


Ha ha, Al! After getting demolished by the Blue Panther et al in '77, the Armagh fans used to sing;

“We were beat, we were beat, we’ll be back in '78, na na na na, na na na, na na”.

We were back in '78 alright; a day trip to Breffni Park for a good thumping from Cavan - so it was the pop charts after that!! :grinning: