Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


A great Jimi Hendrix cover


Fav from the 80’s


Who wore these ??


Trippy song


Found these from To Live and Die in LA , what a film


The finale , superb :grin:



Ha! Excellent. And those dancer outfits…hoooooeeeyy!


A true 80s top tune


Stunnners !


You must be watching Top of the Pops 1985 @Unbelievable ?


Some good stuff all right, but no Ray Lynam and the Hillbillies?


Mr Lynam gets mentioned in a Pogues song.


"… Ray and Philomena sang of my elusive dreams"
From ‘A pair of brown eyes’


No , all posted are just favs of mine over the years just plucked out randomly . Though , ya know yourself . When ya look at a video on YouTube it offers other artists & then you just follow that path :grin:


HA I think I posted that before and we discussed the lyrics fo that song which are mental.


Just a real feel good bit of nostalgia. I return to that song alot .


A couple of antipodean favourites of mine…


Saw Neil Finn recently, with his son Liam, and a band they have promoting their new album. They played a few CH, NF, and Split Enz faves too, great little gig, real thrill to see Neil, voice still top notch. Did a great version of possibly my favourite tune of the Finns/Finn-related produce, “Distant Sun”.


Distant Sun is a great track. Hard for me to say what my favourite Crowded House tune would be. Probably something from “Woodface” as the harmonies from the Brothers Finn are fantastic.
I actually think Tim has a better voice but Neil writes better songs and is probably a better musician all round.