Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


I stand corrected!


Nah… like most of these things there’s usually a few contradictory stories spun by the individual concerned :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you catch that documentary about The Fall on BBC4 last night @Harrys_Tiles ?


Have it recorded
( nearly showed my age and said “taped”)


This popped up on shuffle yesterday, hadn’t heard it in years.
I’m probably veering close to pseuds corner here but I think it’s achingly, hauntingly beautiful…



My guilty pleasure Waterboys song.

The Tomas McEoin narration makes the poem come alive in ways that my English teacher never could.


Lots of people know this but some don’t.
Bono and the Edge wrote that one for Roy


Yeah , it’s a beautiful song . I made that connection too with U2 because they wrote the Wanderer for Cash.


Another great tune. Loved the version u2 did via video link at the Johnny cash tribute night


The Edge plays the guitar on it. If you listen to the guitar and somehow shut out the other instruments and Orbison’s voice, it’s not too unlike the guitar sound from Angel of Harlem, a bit slower, granted.


This is one of a number of great tracks I’ve heard from this band. Don’t know too much about them to be honest but there seems to be a David Holmes influence.


My favourite album that. Fisherman’s Blues still makes the hairs rise on the back of the neck


Good old wonky cheapo recorded VCR! And it’s still Cork City 0, Bohs 0 at the end. I actually bought the video of this LLS special tribute to SS, amazing show, and she was only what, 24 at the time? Gaybo had his faults but he was right on the money with this. Anyway the video broke after a couple of years and I wasn’t spending another 22 pounds or whatever it cost, thinking I’ll not see this again for a long time, little knowing what changes technology would bring.


Jaysus… how long did Ronnie Drew have to wait?


Saw them in France a few years back. Was at a festival there and they part headlined it. Was interesting to say the least. The Frenchies loved it.


It’s strange where I usually hate that type of music but there’s just something catchy about that song . I couldn’t get it out of my head . I think I first heard it sampled on a football podcast . Then I saw the video & thought it was hilarious . Really good video .
I also then remembered they were both in the Chappie film which I liked but I didn’t know who they were back then . And then I found out they are an item & have a kid .
The rest of their music isn’t my cup of tea but they are proper spaced out nutters ,and I like that :laughing:


Weird random shit from my youth :grin:


I used to work for the crowd that made pentuims :laughing:


A lover of the old mini bar blues & slide guitar , this is a favourite


Essence of cool

Robbie Krieger seriously underated guitarist.