Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Yeah. Held out longer than any other club too. But had no real choice when other clubs started taking the piss and buying in culchies to beat the band. Saved Dublin football in the seventies too. You might remember that :wink:


No - didn’t realise that at all. Were they a good help to Raheny and other clubs in the area too? :smirk:


Changed that for you Alan. Fran Ryder.


If you get a chance to watch it on the player, Damien Dempsey was on the Tommy Tiernan show last night and he sung unaccompanied at the end… I thought he was absolutely spellbinding.


As in his singing or his overall performance on the show?
I have yet to see it - the interview seems to have been given lots of plaudits.


The singing in particular but he came across as very grounded and self effacing.


It was powerful stuff and the interview was very good too.

I think that show is excellent and I wouldn’t be really a Tommy tiernan fan but he’s had some great interviews with some guests.


I agree re Tommy Tierney.


Anyone remember this tune playing over highlights on ITV in 1986 for the Mexico world cup


Big fan of Sean Penn & Christopher Walken. Loved this Madonna tune from the film At Close Range


If only I had been born in the 70s , I would have been able to appreciate this as a teenager



Love this tune. Bought the Diesel and Dust album it was on, then worked my way through their back catalogue. Finally got to see them live some time in the mid 90s, when they played Midnight at the Olympia.


That tune and a couple by the Christians were really inspiring idealistic efforts


Epic tune


Brilliant tune.

Always amuses me that The Smiths record label wanted Jonny’s surname spelt Marr instead of Maher to accommodate the difficulty the English have pronouncing some Irish surnames.


Hopefully, it didn’t mar your enjoyment.

Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning, I love the brass in it. Song was ahead of its time in meaning.

Like A Prayer and Live to Tell were great Madonna songs. She then produced some real garbage.


He says in his book that he changed it to Marr when he was around 14 iirc so way before any record deal.


I haven’t read his book but he was interviewed in a documentary on TG4 about The Smiths Irish ancestry & that was the reason he gave.


I love the late George Byrne’s quote about more of The Smiths being qualified to play for Ireland than U2