Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


And then U2 introduced me to Johnny Cash & this masterpiece off Zooropa


To finish up , this haunting cover . The legend that is Johnny C . Probably one of the best video / compilations I’ve ever seen .


Great tunes there, amazing to think how the Travelling Wilberries came together, especially Dylan joining. And now he and Lynn the ones left. Two big curly heads


Big time , I know ■■■■ all about Jeff Lynne . From what I’ve heard some people dispise Lynne for ripping off the Beatles.Never really knew anything about him til the Beatles anthology in the mid nineties . But I have to admit I’m a fan Mister Blue Sky , sadly not because of the ELO but because of Guardians of The Galaxy . But , that’s always how I’ve picked up on bands . By pure accident at times !


The White Album was just amazing . I think double albums were unprecedented at that time & it was just another departure for The Beatles after St Pepper . Real gutsy , rock & roll . Bought this after seeing John play with it

Loved Revolution


Have to say ELO we’re always one of my guilty pleasures, just loved those big orchestral sounds. Telephone Line and Living Thing are great tunes amongst many others. And I’ve got some Brum connections. As for the Fabs Unbelievable, there’s a book I think you would love, by far the most interesting I’ve read to do with them, called Revolution In The Head.


I must look it up !


Final tune , a weird one . Think I heard this from a podcast , then found out they were in a film directed by the guy who did District 9 , which I liked . Chappie .
Didn’t know til years later they were in .Catchy , generally not my thing but how & ever .


Some funny schit, yeesh


Love this version of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic. Think this is far superior.
Don’t think it’s everyone’s cuppa tae.


I’m not sure whether I like or hate that version! Try Emiliana Torrini singing it - although she’s got an Italian name, she’s Icelandic. Great song though.


I am obviously very biased but some great metal/hard rock bands have covered classics. My favourite being Ugly Kid Joe covering “Cats in the Cradle”


The reverse is strange too. I’m not sure what to make of the Cardigan’s version of Black Sabbath’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. But it’s definitely an improvement!


Not as good as the original granted but I still think this is a decent cover version


Bert Jansch singing his beautiful song "As fresh as a sweet Sunday morning "


If you like ELO, you might like Pugwash. They are from Drimnagh and they don’t seem to get any encouragement or praise from our own media. Thomas Walsh is the frontman and I read he’s exasperated by the lack of success. It’s just my opinion but they are really good.


I’ve heard Pwash, excellent stuff. You never know when a artist or group can get a big breakthrough, sometimes it’s luck


Obscure Dublin GAA link to pugwash. Aidan o Grady who was their drummer is the nephew of Tony o Grady a keeper for the dubs back in the 50s. Tony was the only non Vincent’s player on a Dublin team that won a league title.


Nice little story there. Were Vincent’s once a predominately Dublin team?


Chuckle chuckle. Tony (r.i.p) told me as the jerseys clashed with Cavan s the Dubs wore vins jerseys for the league final. No wonder the hoors think they run Dublin GAA.