Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


20 years! Where did that go is right.
Havent listened to that album in ages will dig it out for the drive in the morning. Royksopp, Rinocerose and St. Germain were other bands I would have been partial to back then as well.


Still gets played. Some great tracks.


They look inbred.


Dat is gud.


I like that… almost like a female Johnny Cash.


Yeah she’s class. Her and Gillian Welch(and Dave Rawlings)


The Shacks


This is brutal


Very sad way to go. Let’s just remember him and one of his physical injury struggles like this:


Rip mark e Smith, you cantankerous old git



Whoever did this




just found this version of this song today.

very different from the recorded version.



There’s been many fine recordings of this great song but I really love this one…


Yeah great effort that Beeko. Love that song, there’s a video somewhere of Richard singing it with Dolores Keane and Maura O’Connell for the album and TV series Bringing it all Back Home


That was where I first heard the song, @25AliveOh. That TV show re-awakened my interest in trad music, and not just Irish trad.


Well some of us never let it go asleep. :smirk:



Bro was a big Beatles fan . I was literally brain washed listening to the Red & Blue albums on vinyl growing up .It sowed the seeds for me loving 60’s / 70’s music. I never heard Elvis til one Xmas the 1968 comeback special was on . This was the coolest thing I’d ever seen . Fell in love with his music after that . But this tune always has a place I my heart . It was probably one of the reasons why I learned how to play the guitar because of the descending bass line of the second part of this song . I adore it & listen to at least once a day . The King .


And then my love of George Harrison brought me to the Travelling Willburys . Who introduced me to Tom Petty but also Roy Orbison . And this tune just blows me away every time I hear it