Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Good God Unbelievable, that’s brutal.

From the same school as those irritating songs with electronic voice singers



probably the colombian marching powder.



A fine pair of youngones.

love their first album. second one not so much but a few cracking tunes in it nonetheless.


Yep, I’ve high hopes for the new album


Reminds me of a song from a couple of years ago that I can’t quite recall.

A Jake Bugg song.


Seen them last Summer and were lost on a big stage and weren’t great.

But They were on Graham Norton the other night and were decent enough.


i know someone that saw them in the workmans a few years ago and they said it was pretty special


Yeah I’d imagine any small intimate venue they’d be very good.

Seen them on the Pyramid stage and in fairness there music isn’t really suited to that big of a stage.


Soooooo 5 years ago boys :grin::grin::grin:

If you like that sort of thing, tis Bedouine’s album yiz need to be spinin’


Was it called “broken” by any chance? Or “palm trees”


found this this evening.

for what its worth


I think the guitarist is trying to look like Marr but the tune stands by itself.


Oh God, you’re one of those…


this woman is a genius.


Sounds about right.


Awful news today. The amount of clicks on this video points to how popular the band she led were.


Terribly sad news. Always loved that she sang in her accent, as opposed to mimicking British or American tone that so many did & do. RIP Dolores.


AIR - Moon Safari 20 years old now

Janey mac, where does the time go…