Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


2nd anniversary of Bowie’s death today.


Saw him play a few times - but managed to get tickets for his show in the Olympia in 1997. He played 2 nights. They were some sort of warm up shows before he headed on a world tour.

It was unreal!

Played a load of songs acoustically. Nearly sure he opened with Quicksand. And had to read lyrics off a page, as he kept forgetting them. Gerry Ryan was up in the Box, going mental. He was a mad Bowie fan i believe. Jumping about the place God bless him.

Saw Bowie later on Wellington Quay. Hoped out of a car. I froze. Was only myself, my sister and another girl passing - the street was empty. He slipped into The Clarence Hotel. Jumped into the lift and that was as near as i got to him or an autograph.

Always wished i met him. I’m a massive Bowie fan. That concert is definitely in my Top 10 gigs.

That’s over 20 years ago now. Christ.


Ian Dempsey was a massive Bowie fan.
I think Gerry Ryan was a massive fan of himself.


Well, he was massive…



If you like that… you’ll like Alvvays


Will check them out.

For the day that’s in it it has to be Station to Station all the way.


For the day that’s in it from the genius that is Brian Bilston …


Good call.

Had a blast of Low - side two on the drive home earlier.


Nice one, just the right side of fey :slight_smile:


A singular talent.

And to think Ed Sheeran still lives. And breathes.



The fact that joyless Adele and the ginger hobbit are top of the world right now says it all about today’s pop music, a nadir of epic proportions. That and all the greats who have popped their last clog.


There are a lot of great bands & musicians & pop tunes out there at present…

But sadly it’s the BACKED dribble & the bile that keeps coming to the fore - makes money - and in turn keeps the sh!te coming.

Whereas ‘the good musicians’ try to survive as long as they can on small record labels with tiny budgets.

I get to meet a lot of young musicians - and the common story is: broke, part time jobs, living with their parents, sleeping on mates sofas, constantly touring to get the daily expense, buying their own tour van etc

But then again they don’t have to worry about Mortgages, Bills, etc… So maybe they have it OK



And there’s so many ways now to access it that we couldn’t have even dreamed of years ago.



Only negative for me is the cost of Vinyl now that hipsters like to take pictures of themselves with their Crosley suitcase Record Players.

I’m definitely buying less than i did 3/4/5 years ago - that can’t be good for bands. I’m being very selective in what i purchase now, as most vinyl albums are a whopping €25 plus. And lately they are edging towards the €30 mark.

Christ, the only reason i started buying records is they were cheaper than CDs. I fear for bands if genuine buyers like me begin to lean more towards Spotify than hard copies.


"Vinyl’s making a comeback.”

“ Yeah …for c*nts.”


Possible sign of maturity, or something, but I’m actually buying more music nowadays.


Gammy video but a decent tune imho


Check out this abomination .
Smells like teen spirit with autotune .