Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Better than ATYCLB? Ill look forward to getting stuck into it over Xmas so.


"All that you can’t… " has some really outstanding track like stuck in a moment. The latest hasn’t really got gems like that but I’m enjoying listening to it on Spotify. One of the reviews urged people to listen “without prejudice” and that’s what I tried to do as Bono can be a bit of a plonker. He gets a rough time( he does bring it on himself) but I think we should give him a break. There’s other more deserving targets.


Not since Pol Pot died.



I’m not feeling it at all. Some very strange songs on it. He was very funny on Sky sports all the same on Sunday and on the Graham Norton show, everyone say hi to liam :joy:


Think you could be onto something having giving the album a listen over the past week or so. Its brilliant!
Good 1-hour special on BBC last night too, part interviews part performing some old hits and new. Expecting the European tour dates for next year to be announced soon.


Rumours of a truce between the brothers Gallagher?


That “feud” was as predictable as WWE


Hint: They made it up for publicity, again, and again, and again, and again. Not that nearly anyone ever gave a sheet anyway


Up there with “This is our year” from LFC fans or Mayo for Sam (insert decade) for most common coming to nothing statement :wink:


Well, the real “joke” was me posting it in THIS thread!


Ermmmmm, @beeko you may have been right ré Gallagher brothers…


Did they ever really fall out?


I asked Liam this question in person myself. He said maybe


On the subject… I got an oasis soup the other day, you get a roll with it.




Two of my favourite people in the whole wide world…

Johnny Marr and Maxine Peake


No I think you’ll find that a lot of people do.