Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


Steve Gadd on “50 ways…” for me :slight_smile:


Still hard to believe The Ronettes were whih’e!
I hear that Trump is trying to buy the Wall of Sound…
Rip PS. His daughter is a class singer-songwriter


Indeed, brilliant


Would probably go with the drumming on Elvis Presley’s live version of Suspicious Minds.


Ah here. I’ll see your Elvis drumming and try to raise you Ringo on “Rain”


I mindful of the infamous John Lennon quote re Ringo. But each to their own on it.

Some great drummers around at the moment, the guys from The Arctic Monkeys and The National spring to mind.


Yeh there’s loads. Motown and Stax had a couple of doosies. Arctic Mooonkeeeys guy is brilliant. Stevie Wonder would probably nominate his drummer…


Ian Paice of Deep Purple. Really fast and doesn’t bash the cymbals too much.


The guy from The Band and the guy Van Morrison used in the 70s are another two.


The guy from the band - Levon Helm. A great singer and all round musician.


Good call lads. Many people said Keef Moon was the greatest…


Good drumming here…


Max Weinberg from the E-Street band. Simple small drum kit. Some of the heavy metallers drums needed about 6 trucks to contain them.


Or Genesis with their two drummers.

Oasis had a good drummer.

And The Roses. One of the best.


Mel Gaynor of Simple Minds.


Drummers, Neal Peart from Rush is a genius but the man they all credit as the greatest was Jazz drummer Buddy Rich

But special mention for this guy


There’s a great documentary on Sky Arts called The Art of Drumming.
The general consensus seems to be that Moon is great to watch but his timing is all over the shop.

Ginger Baker is the greatest / maddest rock drummer imo.


Reni, great shout. And Animal of course


Some drummers are unstructured in that they don’t play patterns but still keep time, like the REM drummer for example. Moon seemed all over the shop, which was probably his appeal back then. Ringo Starr talked about how he himself would hit the back or front of the beat, giving the impression of being out of time but really complimenting McCartney’s bass. Saw a clip of Ringo in discussion with George Martin and how Ringo always felt Martin wanted to replace him. Left him very insecure.

Baker was amazing, and also a complete spacer/ total arsehole. Cream were some band.


No mention for the guy from Bros…??