Good Music / Guilty Pleasure Thread


We can only hope…


Think this is photo shopped , don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile :joy:


Looks in pain.


Liam Gallaghers new album is brilliant. The closest stuff to Oasis since the split. You can tell he collaborated with others to improve his song writing. Looking forward to seeing him on the 29th October.

Now for NGHFB new single. I don’t know what to make of it. Different is an understatement


Had a listen to it this morning, very pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:


Yea listening to it all weekend, very good album with a lot of very catchy tunes. However, I’m not sure how the gig will go next week. Not too many rocking tunes, will be more slow dancing than bouncing around


If it goes ahead!

I agree, tunes are good and the only bouncing around will be to the Oasis songs he sings


Robert Plants new album Carry Fire is his best solo album yet. Some traces of Led Zeppelin in there.


He was quite funny on the George Michael documentary last night although in fairness Stevie Wonder stole the show with his “wait, George Michael was WHITE?!” joke! :grinning:


This is decent, shame they don’t record more

Tears for Fears - I love you but I’m lost


Have been listening to a good bit of these lately, seen them at Glastonbury this year and they were brilliant.


Love this vid…


Brilliant stuff


BBC haveTears for Fears In Concert on a loop this weekend. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal (strange dude) have certainly aged but they have so many timeless 80s classics

Everybody Wants to Rule the World. Shout, Sowing the Seeds of Love, Head Over Heels - excellent version of Creep too - and of course … Mad World.

Ah … nostalgia …


Kept off being Number 1 in the UK singles charts by “Feed the World” and “We are the World”, if I recall correctly?

Some great tunes of the 80’s indeed.
They also help launch the career of Oleta Adams… something of a one-hit-wonder?


She didn’t care how she got there.


I know this is called the ‘Good’ music thread but joking aside, the new U2 album is their best In 20 years in my opinion. The Irish Times gave it a miserable 2 out of 5 review but the Guardian and Rolling Stone were generous, both giving it 4 stars.


Just read down through the whole Rolling Stone top 500 albums ever list. Enjoyable. Then did a quick recap on the top 100 in their ‘top 100 albums’ list. This list is quite different to the top 100 of the top 500 list, how can that be? Almost all of the top 100 in both lists are albums from pre-2000,or even pre-90s, so it’s not as if it could’ve changed a lot between them, and why wouldn’t both be up to date anyway?


Two different people compiled the lists ?


Both lists are “RS Definitive”