Golf 2018


Rory not at the races at all. Would drop him for the afternoon


Zero birdies in fourball is a disgrace…big call now…

do you sit him and either he’ll work it out on the range or lose whatever confidence is left from being “dropped”…or…
Send him back out as a show of faith and hope that he sticks his chest out and performs under the pressure…

Not sure which is best given his personality.


Nellie Olsen would have been better than Thjorborn Olesen.


Outrageous …


I’d drop him and let him work it out on the range. He’s hardly a rookie and probably knows himself he’s not contributing as much as he should



Nellie would’ve fought to the death, and scared millions of Americans in her time.


He won’t back down. Bjørn will have to be 100% responsible for the decision. Will need his vice-captain bigtime.


Would probably send Olsen back out again but would put him with Poulter


It’s up to Rose now, can’t see a Euro win in the other two games, though Molinari is strong.


Fùck. Bad shot from Francesco



Stenson and Rose
McIlroy and Poulter
Garcia and Noren
Molinari and Fleetwood


Big call from Bjorn to send McIlroy back out


Fleetwood really stepping up!!!


Amazing stuff from Fleetwood. Bad defeat for Rose and Rahm. If Casey and Hatton can grab a half that’s a real result for Europe after defeats for the two best players on paper.


Love seeing Pat Reed struggle…a hideous cnut…


A bad call


I’m not the only one I see. He has such a punchable face as well


Looks like 3-1. Very big afternoon for Mackerel and Bjørn. Though M isn’t first out so either he’s got to build on what those ahead did or save the day.
Rose with a point to prove though too, and, Poulter could be just the character to get Rory going. Either that or they’ll eat each other!




The wife is a right piece of work as well.