Golf 2018


Phew. The lads in the Kerry jerseys are finally here. No way we can lose now.



Jesus Christ these fucks are everywhere. They could have at least worn the alternate jersey and been in European colours :roll_eyes:


Oh, my fashion needs are far simpler.

All I ask is no high black socks with black runners.

Am amazed at the Masters powers that be - of all people - letting that carry on go unpunished.


I think it’s great to see GAA geansaí of any club or county at such events. Fair play to them.


Is that not a bit like saying Fair Play to Japanese Knotweed, or those killer rhododenrons the Healy Rae’s want to exterminate? :face_with_monocle:


Some cracking golf being played so far! It’s non-stop action in the 4-balls!
Great telly…


Absolutely magnificent pitch shot from Rose


I know some people are turned off by all the Sky hyperbole…
but if you like watching pure shot-making by the best players in the world, 4-balls at the Ryder cup is brilliant. There must have been about 5 or 6 chip-ins already this morning.


Amazing. Pity it coincided with a big swing in America’s favour. But one of the best Ryder Cup shots I’ve seen.


Europe will do well to be only one point behind after the fourballs.
For all the risk-reward of fourball play, I prefer watching foursomes.


Not sure I see the point. It’s a golf event. Is there even a Kirryman competing?


Great putt from Molinari badly needed


Ooooerrr missus! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He’s got a great temperament! Some swings and roundabouts already…:golfing_man:t2::golf:


Jesus. The fcukers never miss a trick, do they?

Der Bomber will probably present the trophy if we win.


Great shot from Hatton


Molinari :clap:


Molinari and Fleetwood back to All Square


Finau the jammy prick


Crowd should not be booing a player because he was lucky. Bigger pr*cks.
Rory not setting the world alight.