Golf 2018


When the teams were announce I was thinking no way the US will be beaten but course experience definitely evens it up a bit. Read this morning that Mickelson has never been on a winning Ryder cup team abroad.

A lot of pressure on the European rookies so I think the US just shade it


Haha. Leave it to those who enjoy it so.


I will indeed!!

I just wonder will Rose, Fleetwood, Casey, Hatton, McIlroy and Poulter have their hearts in it playing for Europe with all the Brexit shenanigans going on. The USA lads will be totally unified behind Trump and the Stars and Stripes and will be keen to MAGA for their President.


It’s a well known fact that Big Phil, Tony Finau, Ricky Fowler and the bauld Jim Furyk all voted for Hillary. Apparently there was killings on the flight over to Paris over it. So I think Europe are safe enough.


Course experience and layout absolutely vital. Particularly the latter. Guaranteed Europe will have it set up to hamper the Americans as much as possible. They haven’t won over here since 93 believe. Phil has a long and chequered history with the event. Including one time turning up on hi own and refusing to practice or interact with most of his teammates. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him do something silly again, especially after the deliberate penalty he conceeded at the US Open this year.


Malachy Clerkin’s articles in The Toimes are very good. Has the perfick mix of analysis & wry amusement at all the tomfoolery that usually accompanies a Ryder Cup, down to a tee. (No pun intended. Honest to God. Not a word of a lie.)


Think we are going to disagree for the second day in a row… except the UFC part i’m with you on that.


Ok - I’ll give you that one. A good walk spoiled but a classic case of manufactured, paid TV hype …


You sneaked that one in


When does the Ryder Cup start?


Are you not enjoying the opening ceremony on TV now?, I thought you bought in to that :wink:.

First tee 7:10am tomorrow.


Oh - it’s on this year.



I thought Fleetwood/McIlroy was going to be a pairing but it was obviously rumours.


Could be for the afternoon our tomorrow ??


Rose/Rahm to win.
Johnson/Fowler to win.
Speith/Thomas to win.
Last game halved.

  1. Rose/ Rahm
  2. Halved
  3. Speith/ Thomas
  4. Halved


4 of the 5 European rookies out straight away. Matched up with very experienced Ryder Cup players. Good from Bjorn imo


Europe to win top and bottom games. And sneak a half through Mcilroy and Olesen. US to win the other.


Mackerel’s attitude has been off for years. The five-a-side football before the Major fiasco. The way he handled the rlshp break-up. The big star lifestyle.
Then again he’s won nearly as many majors as anyone bar Tiger in the last 30 years, so what do we know!