Golf 2018


Great to see that my lawns are just like open championship fairways (apart from the thriving weeds)


Woods leading The Open now.


Not anymore


Delighted for Molinari.


Tiger only one shot down in the closing stages of the PGA. Looks to be between himself, Scott, and Koepka

Koepka is a horse of a man. Class player. A likeable American golfer, who’d have thought.


Padraig finding some of his old self from somewhere. Joint leader of the Czech Masters going into tomorrows final round


Hardly a stellar quality field at the tournament, in fairness.


McIlroy +5 today. Is it just me or us he one of the most over hyped sportsmen to ever come from these shores?


Had his time, but done feck all since. Still worth tens of thousand times what I am, working at playing his hobby! Not jealous in the slightest!


Over hyped?

That depends.

How many multiple Major winning golfers have we produced?

There’s Padraig and…???


McIlroy’s problems, as far as I can see, stemmed from taking the big dosh from Nike. I got the impression that it showed he was more interested in money than in progressing his game. He was doing perfectly well using Titleist equipment and then had to adapt to Nike’s equipment. Then, a few years later, just as he’s beginning to show improvement, Nike pull the plug on the equipment and McIlroy has to adapt all over again.


Overrated in the sense that he is mentioned in the same breath as Nicklaus, Woods, Hogan, Player, Watson, etc. As you point out Paddy won 3 - just one less than McIlroy yet he is never compared to the greats.

He has achieved much but is not in the category of those mentioned above … but he might have been …


I thought it was nice to see Woods win again, but is it just me or is there something sinister sounding in those USA, USA chants. It’s a huge country, and this is one of their own tournaments - I would have thought they should act like they win something occasionally (which they obviously do…).


Is everyone over the fact that Woods was a total sex pest? Just wondering…

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his performance this w/e, he’s a freak and he clearly makes golf more “relevant” when he’s playing…I
'd say Sky et al were rubbing their hands together at the potential ratings for the RC next week…but it just seems his past is easily forgotten when the golden goose is laying…(pun not intended)


Interesting that he changed his doctor recently, to a guy who has in the past been caught doping. Now I’m not suggesting for 1 minute that Tiger is doping, but it is a strange coincidence, is it not?


Leave it to our man in Brazil.


The reaction to his win has been way over the top imo. He won the tour trophy. It’s a 30 man tournament. He was 8/1 to win at the start. Crazy odds imo considering how he contended at majors and other tournaments with far greater playing numbers (not to mention his pedigree).

It should be seen in this light really. Xander Schauffele won it last year. Few beyond your standard golf nerds would know who he is. If Tiger wins a major, or indeed had won the entire Fedex then he’s worthy of what’s been written about him today imho.

I get the injury/scandal angle obviously. And as someone said above, a wet dream for Sky and the sports channels in the US.


Interesting Ryder Cup ahead. Half the European team more or less are Ryder Cup rookies. Think that might be offset by the fact they’ve all played the course in the French Open over the past few years while half the US team have never played it until this week.

18th will be an interesting hole for any matches that go all the way a big water hazard in front of the green. Gonna go for Europe to edge it 14.5 - 13.5 with the experience of the course edging it for us.


Should be a sensational event. America have 6 of the last 8 major winners with them. It’s the dream team on paper. Will the turn up and click? I’m with you too, think Europe will just edge it. Jon Rahm to be the difference. Youngest player out there. Hopefully the American’s are preparing their excuses about the course as we speak.


Possibly the biggest pile of doo doo in the sporting world. After the UFC …