Golf 2018


For the Valero im focusing accuracy on off the tee and guys who hit a high GIR%. Also added Martin Piller to Knox and Si Woo.

Basically avoiding the bombers, so that rules out the likes of List and Holmes for me.

Not sure if Lists recent form is the real deal or if he will blow up somewhere soon.


ah I see. You’ve the research done. List is one of the favs all the same. He hits the ball an absolute mile. He’s pretty hot with his irons as well though in fairness.

Schauffele could be a decent bet too. He’s been steady enough without contending. Tidy iron player.

Id agree with you on List’s form. Hard to know whether he’ll stay on the scene or just become another journeymen. Was considering adding him to my list of US Ryder Cup likely lads!


the research is not paying off this week. :joy:


2 still in touch , but hard to see a winner from them. Same applies for List!

Long way to go though. And no marquee players at the top yet. Schauffele 3 over, good luck!


McIlroy missed the cut at the Players’ Championship.