Golf 2018





Wouldn’t be a fan of exploding eyeballs now, but doesn’t your purchase of a ticket automatically indemnify the organizers/golfer from the hazards of golf balls in flight?


It does or at least it should do. Him and another of others shouted fore as well IIRC


But even if they didn’t, c’mon, it’s a bloody - no pun intended - golf course ! Ballz be flyin’ all over the shop. :roll_eyes:


Is it not recommended to take out insurance when you join a golf club?


Dunno. Not a member of any clubs.


Twenty years ago a Turkish seaman who has docked in Greenore and went for a walk and lost an eye when hit by a golf ball. He was awarded €317k (£250k punts at the time). The judge found the golfer and club each 50% responsible. After that case insurance when joining a club became mandatory afaik.


Was he Ankara-d in Greenore?


Yeah, but if he hadn’t bought a ticket to enter a golf course to watch a tournament, I can see why the club and/or the golfer could be held liable, if yer man was hit by a stray ball when he went for a walk. The woman bought a ticket to the Ryder Cup and entered the course of her own free will.

Does doing that not automatically make you responsible for your own safery from flying golf balls? Doesn’t Croke Park have it printed somewhere that they do not accept responsibility, if you get hit by a ball or sliotar when attending a match there?


How much would a pair of them cost.

I would guess that just putting that on a ticket may not fully indemnify any organisation especially when one of our esteemed ambulance chasers makes the case about due care and attention etc …


pretty sure its a disclaimer on the ticket.


You tell me.

Do you not give them out at Christmas to your staff?



Staff? More like servants.


I was being polite.


They get soup - cold but enough for them.

@Bosco disclaimer often doesn’t make it right. Not sure the crowd were meant to be there, if not … Mind you it’s not here so …


true , but there is an element of risk in standing in an area where lads are hitting golf balls .
Same with the lads standing at the sides of the roads when rallying (ok greater risk there)

Alternative is to have gallery’s at the T box and the green - with a big perspex shield at the green in case a ball goes long - however that might lead to a protest from the golfing equivalent of hill 16 army


Can we have a sound-proof cage for the USA Ryder Cup fans?


european ones are going like that too ?

put poulter in there too



What do you have against us? :us: :us: :us: