Golf 2018


Tiger having a mare yet again


Molinari and Fleetwood have been absolutely outstanding. First European pairing ever to win 4 from 4. Not even Seve and Olazabal even managed that.


Outstanding stuff. Stenson holed a few beauts today too. Great all round team effort over the first two days. Long way to go still, anything can happen in the singles.


Interesting from the Yanks for the Singles

Johnson and Speith not going out straight away. Poulter and Johnson is going to be a cracking game. Poulter could be playing for the winning point


Likewise. Europe seems to nearly always have players like those who produce their best consistently and show great leadership, and then lads who play above themselves. The captains are nearly always impressive too.

US will come strong in the singles but Mackerel should revel in the top game, gives him the responsibility that should help distract him from whatever self-absorption that seems to trouble him in normal tournaments, considering his incredible ability.


Stands to reason the Americans should be much stronger in the singles. Simpson-Rose could be vital. Europe needs at least a half in that to prevent a US winning charge, even if Rory wins the first.
I see it as 1st match Europe, 2nd US, 3rd a half, 4th US, 5th a half, 6th a half, 7th US, 8th a half, 9th a half, 10th US, 11th US.
If any of the half-point games turn into wins but swing roughly equal to both sides, then those predictions would leave the overall score level with the last game deciding the outcome.

I think Europe will either scrape a point somewhere to keep a narrow lead at the end or it will come down to the last game.


Europe will piss this


Reminds me of some goodies.

What do you call a man in the rain? Max.
A man in the rain in the cemetery? Max Bygraves.

Bless him.


The underrated Rory strikes again …


It’s about to go 10-8. Terrible start for our Union. How hard will the Brits fight for us now, aye? Two of them defeated already, a metaphor for our times! :tired_face:


Absolutely incredible from Olesen


Get in there :eu::eu::eu::eu::eu:


Bjorn vindicated with his picks, generally and got his match-ups right after Friday morning. A good captain.


Mickelson and Woods are Ryder Cup disasters … yet they keep picking them …


By the time of the next Ryder Cup in Europe in 2022 it’ll be 29 years since the Yanks last won a Ryder Cup in Europe


Great win, smashed it in the end. Bjørn did a super job. Americans just can’t seem to do team golf.


Patrick Reed spilling some beans and having a pop at Jordan Speith.


Yep right on cue


He’s some piece of work…really, really bad egg.


Family man…