Golf 2018


Not a golf fan at all.


Surprised at you. Thought you’d have said he was feeling a bit rough and below par


It was tee’d up nicely for a pun!


Mind the pun police now. Terrible Langers altogether.


Fair play to Fleetwood would would Fleetwood. Must be really nice to have a win on a Ryder Cup team …


Did you see his own brand rain jacket today. It’s a Fleetwood Mac. OK I’m really sorry and won’t do it again




Americans were awful, but fair play to Bjørn and Co, great session. You’d wonder what the respective drivers were for each team performance.


Stranger Things have happened.


Rory and Europe on fire this morning.

The Yanks can’t find a fairway at all and are really struggling.


anywhere i can watch this? Don’t have sky sports.


@TheParish’s gaff?




Michael Duignan’s gaf


Brilliant from Molinari and Fleetwood. They can go their own way!
Masterstrokes from Bjørn to pair Mackerel with Poulter and Sergio. American team must be shattered


Same afternoon pairings as yesterday for Europe


Magnificent shot from Rose on the 1st. Seve-esque


Woods having yet another Ryder Cup pairs nightmare, he must absolutely dread it at this stage.


It’s a pity we don’t see more matchplay tournaments in golf. Olympics in particular. Matchplay would be much more suited to it than strokeplay would be better for the casual viewer during something like the Olympics


I really like Justin Rose. Great player, works hard and comes across as a humble, decent bloke.
Molinari having a great Ryder Cup, also.