Golf 2018


What’s the story with Reed and his Missus? Only really follow golf at the majors and this competition…



So he’s a little uncouth. He’s from Texas, it’s not his fault!


No, but all the accusations of cheating probably are.


He sounds great! :grinning: Golf can be such an anal bore


Great shot into the green from Postman Poulter on the 3rd


Return to sender…
McIlroy didn’t put a stamp on it.


Going really well so far. Europe up in all 4 matches


Was gonna say Europe have turned it around…but its the yanks stinking the place up as much as anything…

Looking like a Team versus 12 individuals again…Hopefully all level come Sunday avo


Massive crowds there. I’ve been watching it since early morning. Great turn around for Europe in the Alternate shot. By the sound of the crowd there’s no shortage of gargle there either.


Sending Rory back out and pairing him with Poulter has helped him


Stenson playing some nice golf given his recent form


In the first 9 on the foursomes the US won 3 holes out of 36 - Europe won 18 …


3-3 now with Europe up 2 in the remaining 2 games with a half point guaranteed in one of them


4-3 now :clap:


It will finish 5-3 today. The USA have been shocking this afternoon.


All 4 US Pairings are over par for the afternoon. Won’t win many games playing like that


Whitewash :clap:


European celebrations a bit OTT. It’s not like anything has been won yet.


I hope @Ohm is ok. I know he prefers the Solheim Cup but he must still be a bit devastated.