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Went to see justice league col weeks ago now .Absolute horrific mess of a film , rumoured to be the second most expensive movie ever made


I couldn’t sit through one of those films. I got a copy of the Batman v Superman when it came out and ten minutes was enough, they’re horrific.


Another mess of a film. Dc just seem to messing these up far to often.


And all joking aside. A lot of people pointing out how Abrams set up a lot of stuff - Luke and Rey/ Rey’s back story/ Phasma/ Snoke etc - and Johnson seems to have intentionally pivoted away from this.

Fair enough. But his approach to it was shocking, no wonder Hamill has been vocal (relatively speaking) in his criticisms.


There’s a good documentary about him

Apparently he spilled the beans on a big plot point of one of the film’s in an interview by accident. George Lucas never forgave him & he was black balled from all future promotional engagements as well as anniversaries.These guys recreated the scene where they remove Vader’s mask & it’s his face instead .
It really upset him that his face wasn’t used originally.
Kind of a redemption moment for Prowess.
If your a fan , really worth a watch .


Ok sit back and watch some more sci-fi - I’ll watch 2010 the year we make contact. Helen Mirren a Fine looking woman in those days.

My god it’s full of stars.


Another film that should never have been made. An abomination.


Ah jaysus ya really know how to wreck someone’s enjoyment. Ffs. Why Alan? Very ambitious at the time to make the movie and while it’s not exactly true to the book irs enjoyable to watch. Just my opinion. Ya could say Clarke was stretching it by writing 2069 and 3001.


It was a sequel to an absolute all time classic that didn’t need one. It tries to explain what Kubrick stated that he quite deliberately left unexplained. The sequel is Hollywood’s great plague. Can’t leave well enough alone if there’s money to be made.


Well Clarke wrote the sequel so Hollywood will do what they do. He wrote two more. I agree 2001 was a Master piece that maybe should of been left alone. But I have a thing for movies like 2010 more a nostalgic memory trip down to the 80’s. And chief Brody is one of me all time favourite actors. So I’ll take this hour and a bit and enjoy it.

I’d love to see a tv series of Clarke’s best short stories and maybe the sentinel could kick it off.


Watched Arrival the other day. Really liked it. Focuses more on the problem of how you’d ever figure out what the aliens were saying, and whether nations could work together or not on this, or whether strategic interests would get in the way. Time bendy aspect to it too, which is usually a plus for me.


I’ve never watched 2001 , might give the sequel a spin .It got decent reviews on imdb.


Just finished it , not bad . Not sure if there was a need to make it though .


Arrival is an excellent film. Villeneuve has created an impressive body of work in the last few years.


What’s the story with the weird end of 2001: A Space Odyssey? Was pretty good up to that point, but the ending left me in the dark.



Interesting, I’ll have to watch it again now! Thanks for sending


It makes a kinda of sence after reading that !


Just watched goodbye Christopher Robin… Was feeling a bit melancholy tonight (cheers @Mr.White ) but that was the icing on the cake! Loved it entirely… Young Gleeson in particular was superb!


The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman is absolutely superb what a magnificent actor