Going to the pictures


Excellent work.


Simply ridiculous. The film has major problems, Johnson screwed it up badly.


Rogue one is excellent simply excellent Jyn Erso is my new Princess Leia. The complete package for me would be for erso to sport the classic leia side hair buns. Then she would be the chosen one for me.


I like Kevin smith though I will forever question why he though Nicholas cage would make a good Superman. Still he gave me Clarke’s and mall rats.


The one about the guys selling the shoes??


No the one where ya get a savage Irish breakfast on the old cabra road on match day! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: klerks though on the other hand…


Just saw it - hugely disappointed. Johnson made a bollox of it.


Balls :unamused:


Go see it for yourself. Visually stunning. It has its moments. But for me it hasn’t a patch on Rogue 1. I’m dissspointed as there seems to be to many holes in it. Anyway maybe we are expecting to much from all of this.


I’ll catch it when it comes out on Blu Ray , missus hates so I would have had to go on my Todd :rofl:


But to echo TL… Mary Ducking Poppins. Wtf.


Ive not read , nor seen anything about it so I’ll look forward to finding out that reference.


Good read, the man who killed Hoffa, as he claims.



Reading elsewhere that it is a demonstration of her force sensitivity or some other shite but f*ck that, it 's an unadulterated ball of nonsense. And terribly done too.

Could have stuck her in the gold bikini at least.


Harrison Ford is supposed to have said to Lucas
While they w ere making star wars
" GEORGE you sure can write this shit , but you can’t say it "!!


With cinnamon buns.


Alec Guinness must have really needed the money.


Apparently he absolutely hated it felt it was totally beneath him ,and like you said ,Just did it for the spondoolicks


True. He needed the money. He used to get very cranky when approached by friends. On the other hand David prowess went apeshit when he ouldnt use his own West Country accent


These are’nt the droids you’re looking for.

Well played Mr Smiley, well played indeed…