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I think it’s a case of even though it’s not getting good reviews , I’ll probably still like it anyway , been a fan .
But if your a fan of Stephen King , avoid The Dark Tower .It’s absolutely putrid . So disappointed , was been talked about for ages as to when it was going to get made . Then such a let down . I believe the books or book are very good .


Where’s that “movies to see before Kildare win an all-Ireland” when you need it?

Saw a French movie last night that might fit in there, “Disorder”. Really good thriller. Made excellent use of the soundtrack to create a real paranoid/on edge feel to it.


the Mary poppies moment is worst moment in the history of cinema. Full stop. Last hour is epic though. First two are terrible.





Some people have suggested that you should watch the prequels between 5 & 6. That way you still get the reveal at the end of episode 5 (although I’m guessing most people know this now, even if they have never seen the movies as it’s such a part of pop culture). This way the prequels become a sort of flashback.

So I’d go Rogue One, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8


I would ignore 1 2 3. But if you have to. Just ignore 2. Poisonous


yeah 123 - pure shite especially attack of the clowns. But I think ya have to take the very bad with the bad to complete the series.

Still Rogue One the best of the lot followed by Empire. Felicity Jones is incredibly easy on the eye.


Thought part 3 was decent . Like not brilliant or anything but the carnage near the end of the movie was good . The reveal of how Vader came to be was good .
Hayden Christensen was terribly miscast for it , I think it pretty much ruined his career like Brandon Routh.
I like Brandon , he’s good craic in Legends of Tomorrow.


George Lucas ruined them star wars, shite director. But I take yer point on Christensen, the fecker should of been called Darth Rigour Mortis.


He’d give Frank Stapleton a run for his money !


Saw this knocking around twitter . DeNiro plays "The Irishman " in a film of the same name . His character is supposed to be 6 4 :joy:.Are they gonna have to crop the shot everytime he’s in shot with another character.


Re Star Wars.

  1. Then 5. Then 6.

That is all :wink:


What’s the time line for that film again ? It’s before the Death Star is built but where does it fit in .


It’s before (in flashback) and right up to the Death Star going Operational. Last scene is Set hours before a new hope


Ah right , nice one . Haven’t seen it since it came out so had forgotten !


I think it’s based on the book “I hear you paint houses”. It’s a great read. Terrible casting De Niro in that role though


It’s a pity they didn’t make it like 25 years ago . DeNiro has been doing films for the pay cheques for a while now . The only thing I enjoyed him in in the recent past has been Meet The Fockers.


Mannequin Skywalker as Kevin Smith calls him.


Rogue One is a good addition to the series, the rest either don’t add much or positively f*ck it up.