Going to the pictures


Old teacher of mine bet myself and few of the lads we’d never watch it all… of course he forgot to mention nearly 4hrs long…


I think you have a point when you say that the film didn’t emphasise the scale of the evacuation. If you didn’t know any better, you’d be shocked when Kenneth Branagh’s character mentions towards the end that they got 300,000 men of the beach. However, I still enjoyed the way it was told all the same. I think too big a focus on the scale would risk endless comparisons with Saving Private Ryan.

I thought it was generally excellent. The way the tension was wound up when the German bombers were lining up the boats / beach was extremely engaging. The one main criticism I would have is the lack of blood and guts which took away from the realism. And as mentioned above, it got a bit jingoistic at the end.


I really enjoyed Dunkirk. I though it was tense with the pilots and the old man on the boat stealing the show. I don’t think every war movie needs to be battle of pelennor fields type effort. I’d agree with what was written above that Murphy’s character and the two young lads didn’t really add to it.


Maze is very good. It doesn’t look like a lot of money was spent on it but the acting makes up for that.


Yeah seen it last night and thought it was decent enough but thought it could have been better though.

The poor old Nidgey fella was good in it especially his accent.


Seen Maze too, It’s some storyline when you think of it. Could easily be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. Nidge was excellent.


Jim Sheridan making one with Pierce Brosnan, Jamie Dornan and Cillian Murphy


Not in the cinema. But love and mercy is excellent. A short bio of Brian Wilson. On Netflix.


Thor ragnorak is a blast. Taikka Waititi is a genius


Agree very funny film.


I enjoyed it, but did feel it was a little over busy. I think they would have been better off by just having one villain. I loved both Goldblum and Blanchett, but didn’t feel either got enough screen time

I don’t know if it is still showing but Death of Stalin is really good, especially if you are a fan of Armando Iannucci.


Tom Vaughan Lawlor is in Avengers Infinity Wars Part 1


Anyone see this?


Unseen for nearly 30 years ? Would be interested in seeing that .


That’ll be brilliant


Did you watch the trailer. Looks great! Always fascinated with the bargaintown branding - it’s so roughly executed but Christ it’s effective and recognisable that it’s more than done it’s job.


Trailer looks good .I suppose the only way you’d see this is at the screening ? Wonder will the full thing be up on YouTube .


Some head on that kid! Wonder where he is now, if alive?


Terry Wogan is no longer alive to do the Bargaintown ad.


When is the new Star Wars movie out lads, do you know?