Going to the pictures


Have you seen Nebraska? Contrary old bollix and his son take a road trip to claim a lottery prize. It’s a bit dark but also very funny - its also in black and white so you can feel a bit arty watching it.


That’s great thanks. I have seen Sicario and Ex Machina and if the rest are as good, it is a fairly good list…


The latest Aliens film is shite.


Worse than Prometheus?


Worse than the last aliens film?




Having seen it I thought it was better than Prometheus, but lacked it’s visual flair. Overall still pretty poor and actually quite boring. It is like he tried to take all the best bits of the other movies, except all I was thinking was that I’ve seen this done before and most importantly done better.


Not in the pictures or was but I heard this is very good. About Chuck Wepner (the guy who Stallone based Rocky on), I always though it was after James J. Braddock / Joe Frazier, there you go.


I preferred Prometheus, which I also found disappointing.

Covenant looks very good but is all over the shop, and clearly underwent a serious re-editing.

Scott reminds me of Lucas at this stage, too close and invested in his story and kind of lost in it. He’d be better off handing it over to somebody else who can bring a fresh perspective. And as I read online, who cares where the aliens came from, just let them loose.


Exactly. I actually think the less we know about the Alien the better, just let it be an unknowable force of nature. Right now the only thing giving me hope for the new Blade Runner is the fact it is directed by Denis Villeneuve.


He’s a good director. The trailers look excellent but I always have the horrible thought that they might be the best parts of the film. We’ll see.


Just heard on the wireless there, that a sequel to Blade Runner is due out in November.

Da fcuk !

Why was I not informed of this earlier & my permission and blessing sought ? ? ? :imp: :imp: :imp:


Dunkirk. Pfft.
Now I know he wanted to skip the visual effects but by Jesus. How can you tell a story without attempting to show the scale. Rylance is excellent as usual as were Tom Hardys eyes. But overall. Nolan went Nolan by numbers and Zimmered it up to 11.
I lost interest 30 mins in.


I thought it was excellent. Even when it veered towards teary-eyed stiff upperlip Britishness territory.

And that Nolan reined in some of his more tiresome and self-indulgent traits. ie being overlong with too much unnecessary scenes and dialogue. He actually demonstrated that he can make a lean film when he tries (it certainly felt longer than the 1hr 40-odd mins, which is a good sign, and which I think is a perfect length for a film - if you can’t tell a story in that time-frame you’re in the wrong business, or just doing too much coke).

(An interesting aside, but related to above and him fitting a lot in. I only recently understood the animosity the evacuation created both between the British and French (the British side thinking ‘are you surrendering while we die for you’ versus ‘are you deserting us?’ on the French), and between the British army/ navy and the RAF. Those on the beaches and in the boats saw very little support by the RAF as they were repeatedly attacked. They weren’t aware that the RAF sought to protect them by attacking the Luftwaffe further inland, before they could reach the shoreline. The majority of RAF pilots killed during that period died over Belgium/ France and Holland etc. The other wings of the British army weren’t aware of this, and it was a huge bone of contention for years afterwards apparently. A recent C4 documentary covered it. Fascinating).

He did continue his love for a shot of a burning wreck - in this case it was a nice shot, and scene.

And his use of that loud drone type soundtrack/ sound effect (which he used in the first Batman, think it was the opening scene, the bank robbery). Really builds the tension. Not usually one to get sucked into a film but I did notice it in this, which is another positive.

Rylance and Hardy were excellent, as were the majority of the main characters. The young Irish guy from Love/ Hate is making a name for himself.

Thought the scenes in the planes were really good. Like with Fury, it’s something you don’t see much of, the mechanics and tactics of that aspect of war - it’s usually infantry focused, with a nod to the other components of armies.

All told I thought it was really good, surprisingly so for Nolan. Saw it on 70mm in the IFI. It looked great, but difficult to compare I suppose. Will go see it again as it deserves to be seen on the big screen.


Ah Tommy, et tu Brutus? One hour forty?? Ken Branagh’s Hamlet is one of the great films. Never thought you’d be one to catch the plague of shortattentionspanitis.


Not that at all Al. Think the recent trend towards 2+ hr films is more down to extravagances and poor editing than reflecting a need for more time to tell complex stories in detailed fashion.

Take the Wolf of Wall St. Excellent film but did it need nearly 3 hrs to tell it?

Lawrence of Arabia is being shown in the IFI. An epic worth the time, apparently as I haven’t seen it yet. It’s also being shown in 70mm so worth catching.


Spot on Tom, I thought Spectre was at least 40 minutes too long & had a lot of unnecessary stuff added into the mix.


Lawrence of Arabia is an outstanding film,well worth going to the cinema for.


I don’t disagree with all you say there. Except to go back to my main point. That a story of that scale deserves a movie of scale. clunky side stories too. the three lads hopping from ship to ship got boring very quickly. two pilots held the movie up well right to the end.
not sure what the youngfella from love hate and killian murphy added to film. again. felt clunky
thought the sound in the IFI screen 1 was terrible to be honest. not sure if its a problem with the movies sound mix ala Dark knight rises or it was the cinema itself.

i’d be a nolan fan boy too. i’ve spent a lot of time defending interstellar to people. this i wouldn’t bother with.


I never got the attitude from many brits about the French surrender considering that the BEF had already been withdrawn from the continent (and they were majorly indebted to the French covering their retreat at a considerable cost). Militarily the evacuation was the only reasonable decision, but I always felt that after you make the decision to abandon your allies you forfeit all rights to criticise their performance.

Anyway, I’m glad that you enjoyed the film. I hope to get along to the IFI this week to see it.