Going to the pictures


Agree came away thinking it was awesome.


Saw Rogue One today. Very decent effort, but if I was a Bothan spy, I’d be on to my SIPTU rep, at being written out of history like that. WTF?

Seeing “General/Govenor/Grand Moff/Whatever The Fcuk He Is Called” Tarkin and a young Princess Leia brought back to life, was downright creepy.

Oh, and Mon Mothma is a Dub. G’wan, ya good thing !


bothan spies stole the plans for the Death Star in return of the Jedi so hold of on that letter to wee jack.

As for mon motha what a fine looking dub. She’s gorgeous. wilhuff tarkin I thought it was an excellent piece of cgi and he needed to be there to explain the events in a new hope. I thought it was the best Star Wars so far.

Red and gold squadron leaders where also in it. I thought wedge Antilles might of made an appearance


Ah, I do be gettin’ me Death Stars mixed up. Happens to the best of us.

Blue Leader was new. He was Clare’s boyfriend from House of Cards. It annoys and distracts me when I recognize the actors from other roles. One of the strengths of the original trilogy imo, was that so many of the cast were virtual unknowns.


As an aside, apparently the princess had fulfilled all her filming requirements for the next installment… Hard to believe we’ll have a Star Wars without Hans and the princess… in either form. God she was the stuff of my adolescent dreams!!!


That slimey hipster smarty arse what took advantage of poor little Robin? I want to see Frank fookin crucify him in the next HOC series! Or ride da hole off him, either would suffice.

Anyway happy new year to y’all. May 2017 bring many new local bus routes in Southeast Tipp/North Wa’herford/Sarf Kk!


Plenty of Easter eggs in it, the alien arse face (ponda Banda) that lost an arm to obi wan was a real surprise. Thought k2-SO was very funny.


Methinks you are a tad blinded by how fab wee Robin looks in her Pigalle Follies Python Scarabee Loobs. Bumhole Ben was totes the victim there.

Princess Leia was the stuff of my adolescent heroine too. For very edifying, career related, right on, empowerment reasons. There was nary a gold bikini in sight, in my dreams.

K2-SO was good alright, but am very wary of the robot/CGI comedy relief in these flicks…still scarred by the memories of Jar Jar Binks…shudders…


Jar jar binks. the Personification of George Lucas. That character could be executed a million times and it would not be enough.


Had mixed feelings about the Disney take over of LucasFilm. Hopefully their continued involvement in the franchise, means that nonsensical ego trip concepts - like Jar Jar - from just one person, are more likely to be nipped in the bud, before they get off the ground.


She’s fragile man, I’m tellin ya. Slimey hole was like all the rest, power trip, but worse, he convinced himself that he really cared. Only thing he cares about is ridin other lads wimmin, and then playing the innocent


I dunno getting rid of all the crap third party canon has done it a bit of service. So it’s the original three - the other three we won’t discuss and the force awakens / rogue one along with clone wars and rebels. Plenty of scope to churn out a couple of good movies. I’m looking forward to the solo standalone.


The new Scorsese film, Silence, is a huge let-down. Visually it looks great with some good performances but it’s boring frankly.

Rewatched The Drop last night. James Gandolfini (?) and Tom Hardy. Excellent film.


I loved it. But Scorsese and me have always gotten along very well.


A huge fan but I found that film a dreadful bore.


Any decent thrillers out at the moment? Fook all on the box these days


See T2 Trainspotting. Loved it. Of course not as good as the first one but still a great film. Fills in a few holes. Hits home a few truths as well. Boyle has done good.


The cast and director were on Graham Norton on Friday, brilliant tv, for what it’s worth!


feck it i missed that, will catch up on the player.


I cannot stand Graham Norton but you have to hand it to him - he gets some top guests on.