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A once-brilliant actor, when you consider his roles in films like Lamb and The Mission.


schindler’s list


Ok, show off… I should have added “for example” at the end of my post! :wink:


Ted 2.



What’s wrong with Neeson’s films? In the last 10 years most of his films have been possible real life scenarios and will be of great benefit to us should we encounter some of the issues he had. Watched The Commuter there last week on a flight home. Made me more conscious to be aware of who is on the same train as me daily.


Yep, figured that was ripe for a hollywood remake as soon as I saw it.


Spectacular film, unbelievable for its day (or any day really, when you consider its scope).


Apart from what seems like a couple of Darby ogill accents. This looks promising. On another note has there ever been a TV series or movie made that depicts the Irish famine in detail?


Is it a comedy?


All depends on what your definition of comedy is.


Looks good. Was sure that was Sam Neill in one of the main roles there! :thinking:


So was i! I’ll go see it meself