Going to the pictures


Moral core me Swiss.

I have a hard time believing she didn’t know how the Corleone family supported themselves, for all the years she knew the family. And yet she chose to (a) join it and (b) stay a part of it. Yes, they made a big song and dance of the marriage breaking up and her questioning the legitimacy of the family business once or twice. But c’mon now…she never wondered why everyone in her family needed an army of body guards around them 24/7, or why they all had to live in a “compound” guarded by said bodyguards.


Johnny Ola has more range than Kay in that movie.


Michael told her in the first movie they were criminals. thats my family Kay. Not me.


I know. But after that, after they were married, for what 10 or 12 years…


It was Anthonys communion at the start of the movie. so Ball park 10 years. She knew probably 12 years if you count his exile in Sicily




Apollonia on the other hand.
Now theres a Corleone wife I can dig.


Thnk her appeal is blown out of proportion. :rofl:


so yer saying you get a root for her?


No, I think he’s saying he wants to root around inside her. Bit of a diff. :thinking:


Never realised Lee Strasberg played him :disappointed:


John Cazale only appeared in 5 fllms during a movie career that lasted just six years. All five were Oscar nominated for best picture. Some record


Interesting, Boyle isn’t just directing the next Bond film he’s also writing it.


Bit late for going to the pictures but I saw “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” over the w/e and it is the best film I have seen in years!!!
I cant stress this enough, its a masterpiece!


Agree. Fantastic film except for the ending!!


Great flick. Ending was so “sequel” but what the hey


ah you couldn’t ruin the film by making a sequel ,


Sequel : they shoot yer man


Who’s Fin?


Finn mccool