Going to the pictures


My son did. thankfully the plot point he revealed to the people outside and they’d already seen it.

I can’t believe **** ******** is **** will follow him for the rest of his life


Thought the Sherrif and his Da (or was it his uncle) were great characters, that could have done with being developed a bit more. Although, if it’s a faithful representation of de buke, there wasn’t a whole heckuva lot more they could have done.


We were in a very busy cinema, mid-film, watching it for the second time when he flat out says to me “tell me when the part where *** **** dies is coming up because I don’t want to see it again”.

I don’t know how nobody heard him.


Reminds me of when Michael Caine was asked had he seen (the awful) Jaws 4 (Which he had starred in) and he replied no but he had seen the house that it built :grin:


The Beatles have split up too.


Stuff that I’ve posted about here over the years. Some films are clever, brilliant in their way but not ‘great’, in my opinion. The better Spaghetti Westerns fall into that category. And those have a lot of similarities to some Tarantino films that have been labelled great. I’d go as far as to say the second Terminator film had more depth to it than Pulp Fiction, though not quite as cool nor as clever dialogue. To put what I’m saying in perspective. And personally, I find it hard to enjoy films that stylise and celebrate graphic violence. Just because a lot of shit goes on out in the world doesn’t mean making it look attractive is a good idea. Some directors have a lot to answer for.
Trainspotting did it right in my opinion, and is overall a superior film to some that are rated as high or more highly. It also nailed the cool, and the dialogue etc. Big Lebowski too.


trainspotting was brilliant. Deleted scenes below.


Aren’t opinions funny? I thought Trainspotting was absolute rubbish. Lebowski is a great film

And blaming film directors for violence is a nonsense.


Yeah I couldn’t imagine trainspotting or the books been your cup of green tea Al… I’d imagine those sort of shenanigans would have you legging it down to the St. Vincent De paul church to do the stations of the cross… Though the big lebowski is great a film.

Shame on the other Al for not liking Fargo. Dead to me.


Now go easy!


Why did you think Trains was rubbish?


It didn’t star Michael Portillo? There wasn’t a timetable in sight?


Now that has been a truly fab series. The canals one was excellent too.


Mostly because it hadn’t a single character you could root for. Never a good idea in a movie. Wolf of Wall Street the same.



did you read the books?



Oh wait, you said root… for…?


Can’t really think of many central characters you’d root for in Godfather 2, but it’s still a heckuva film. Michael’s wife maybe, but that’s about it.


Correct. Diane Keaton is the moral core of that film.


And that’s why you liked that film? Because Diane Keaton wasn’t like Carmela soprano? Personally thought deniro stoke the show. Along with John Cazale.


Shes about as uncore of that film as one could possibly find. the fact she had an abortion and was treated like the fallen women is as far from core. Hyman Roth is treated with more sympathy. Frank Pentangeli is portrayed as an honourable man, and Michael despite having to do many horrible things is portrayed as a shakespearean character having to make that terrible choice. Kay is a tier 2 character at best.