Going to the pictures


Probably was.



Can I just say that Sam Elliot is brilliant in the last series of the series Justified?


‘There will be blood’ is a super film


Just watched it again there . Forgotten how bleak it was . That last scene is hilarious. The one up manship between Dano & DDL coming full circle .


Watched No Country again, still don’t get it. It’s definitely a Cormac McCarthy piece, bleak as f*ck. Couple of big plot holes too.

Interesting coincidence: there is an opening scene of the horizon that is replicated in Sicario.


Some flicks are just either too clever or too off the wall for their own good.


It’s a marmite movie. I’ve had some very weird discussions about it with people of similar ideas about movies. Personally, I was a bit “meh” about it. But then again, I’m a f***** weirdo!


I never liked stuff like Fargo. Reminds me alot of Pulp Fiction, which I also didn’t like. Too clever and too cool for their own school, all style and no depth or real surprise or variety or soul or anything much else. All that there clever dialogue and cool looks and affectation needs more to make a great film.


I was disappointed with Sicario, didn’t think much of it at all.

No country for old men is a strange movie, when I saw it the first time I wasn’t impressed but ages later I saw it again and thought it was a brilliant film. I don’t know if it was the hype that made me think less of it the first time or whether I just needed a second look to really appreciate it. On a side note, it’s a very faithful adaptation of the book which is also excellent.


What floats your boat then ?


Thing about NCFOM is, if you removed Javier Bardem & replaced him with a less creepy bad guy, or just an inferior actor, would it still be a great film?

Don’t think it would imo.


Wonder how Daniel would have played him .Would he have spent time working in an abattoir to get himself into the role :thinking:


I know people in big cities think we’re backward…but there’s new movies coming out called Jaw2 and E.T. in our local hall.


Gone With The Wind isn’t a film about flatulence.


Since when have spoiler alerts been allowed here!!

Me and mrs Dall were about to watch that.


LOL… probably. Not a big DDL fan. Over acts far too much. Didn’t mind his really early stuff (especially My Beautiful Laundrette) but not the more recent offerings.

Heard a funny story about the Dublin premiere of Lincoln. He’s just done the movies pivotal scene, the Gettysburg Address. Big. Melodramatic. Pause. Total silence in the cinema. You cudda heard a pin drop…

When some wit shouts out in the dark "Good man Christy ! "

Whole place erupts.

Heard DDL’s reaction was less than amused. :joy::joy:


Talking of spoiler alerts…here’s the one where Homer ruins the end of Star Wars for people lined up to watch it.


Tommy Lee Jones/Kelly MacDonald and Josh Brolin were all excellent in it in my opinion. Can’t think of too many bad performances in Cohen movies. Nicolas Cage aside.


Spoiler alert: Jaws 2 is shite.


Ha, my nephew almost did something similar with The Force Awakens. Thankfully no one heard him.