Going to the pictures


Haven’t seen it but by all accounts he’s brilliant in it.

Any given film can only portray what it set out to, but surely the ‘great leader’ angle on Churchill has been done to death at this stage, while the story of the violent, racist, stubborn, elitist, alcoholic boor he also certainly was remains unmade.


The Lighthouse cinema are showing There Will Be Blood tomorrow as part of their Paul Thomas Anderson season.


Looking forward to seeing that one! Trailers looked great


meh. no country for old men clearly still the better film


Looking forward to seeing Blood on the big screen, should be spectacular.

I must give No Country another shot, might change my mind. Doubt it though.

Big Gary Oldman fan but not sure I could sit through it. I see somebody did a Darkest Hour/ Dunkirk mash-up.

The Post looks good.


For sure, but other than coming out the same year, what’s the connection between the two movies?


Both the big favourites when it came to awards season that year. It really was no contest imo. But the Anderson fanboys still can’t see light


Into the Storm was an excellent portrayal of the whole Churchill thing, again though minus the reality of his psychopathology.

Thoigh Gleeson in the lead roll never sat right with me.



No Country for Old Men is a classic and have watched in a few times and is an 8/9 out of 10 we’re as the other is ok and about a 6/7 out of 10 film.


Take Daniel day Lewis out of it and it’s very average


Take Paul dano out of it and it’s average. DDL hammed that one up.


Albert Finney was quite good as well in his portrayal. Have heard Gambons portrayal isn’t as good though


8/9 out of 10? I just don’t see it.

If I had a penny for every time that is levelled at Day Lewis.

You could take both actors out of Blood, and the cinematography, score and story would hold up. With both actors though it’s stunning in my opinion.


I must watch that again . I’ve a huge grá for DDL . I haven’t seen Lincoln , is it worth a watch ?


It’s an astounding piece of work.


It really is. And it looks amazing in the cinema.

Obviously appreciated by the public too, going by the turn-out.


Watch Molly’s Game last night. Decent enough film


Sicario starting shortly, excellent film.


Must have been a different Sicario to the one I saw.


I’m going to stick on another earth. A film about you guessed it… another earth. And in that earth Kildare are going for 8 in a row. And Ewan McKenna was born in Finglas.