Go Team Ressers


Just looking at the stats for the site. in the last month we’ve had:

  • 80,159 Sessions on the site
  • 12,000 Users exactly
  • 406,382 Pageviews
  • 10,000 Posts
  • 23 New topics
  • 41 New users Join


your welcome !!


12,000 users :astonished:, any stats on registered users.


Thats Google Analytics data, so it’s not signed up users but different visitors to the site (IP addresses).


That’s a hell of a cabal :slight_smile:


Most of them are @Dub09 He is like Multiple man out of Marvel Comics.


Jayus 12,000 different IPS , that’s impressive !




registered users:


The Non Democratic People’s Republic of Willie Joes Blog better watch out.


The pointy bit at the end of graph is Bart …


That line graph represents me trying to walk home after the AL final in two weeks. Especially if we win!


Have ya ever entertained the idea of selling ads ? Might make ye a few bob, ye derseve it after all for maintaining a great site !


80,159 Sessions on the site??? I wasn’t fooking invited to any of them! :confused:


i was waiting for that one, had a hunch it’d be you.


Don’t like to let you down!

The first two parts of the graph are Phelo’s missing avatar …


blame crispy nad mun-ster




I have a pain in my nad’s


can you check the nationality of the ISP’s? just to figure out how often EMcK logs in.