Getting to Omagh


There is option to download to phone. Not sure if that is option for you? Don’t trust any of that sort of stuff myself, being an “oldster” according to my daughter!


Not sure who you’re with PD but I’m with 3 on prepay and €20 a month gets me unlimited internet and 5g of roaming, was away in Spain last month and used my phone all week nohabodder.


Yeah usually that option is there, didn’t see it on this occasion and like yourself I prefer the hard currency of tickets in hand :+1:



@upthedall Great evening - thanks! Surrounded by your folk and all good. Your directions were great except I ended up in the middle of Campsie - my fault - but no hassle at all, Parked north of Healy and tore down a boithrin and into a ‘village’ near Killyclogher I reckon - before dropping on the A505 and then A5 and outta town toute suite. Came back through Culloden (nice village!) and Armagh and in local in no time!!


Good stuff…at least you beat the worst of the traffic and got home safely. There must’ve been some traffic last night.

Yeah…sounds like it was Killyclogher all right.

And the fancy car was all right!!


Fancy car was grand! What pitch was cub playing on? Nearest Dub end? Had he the hair bleached blond?


Don’t talk!

Sure we got delayed flying into Dublin and had to listen to game on radio. And only caught the second half.

But coach got him a signed jersey (well some signatures).

Just bad luck with timing. But what a game in front of a full house.


Parked up at Spar a s per your directions , very near ground but a nightmare to get out. Dont think I’d park that near to ground again, thanks againfor all your advice. Silver Birch good spot for a pint before game.


Which way did you leave…via the Gortin Rd or back up Killynbracken?


Got to omagh at 5.50 parked in the bus station. Got out handily enough and traffic was very manageable.


Ps sorry to hear that almost feel guilty !

But if you had went Killybracken or Julians way…it’d have brought you back the other side of the town.

Maybe my directions weren’t the clearest !!


A big effort was made by the people of omagh to make Dublin feel welcome (apart from the odd loyalist paramilitary fleg), even the PSNI had big fake smiles on their faces . It was a great occasion and hopfully we see you again in the final.


@upthedall Really appreciated the directions. Taking that turn at Foyle meats saved us a load of time in and out of Omagh. Got parking not far from the ground too and must have been one of the first cars out of Omagh afterwards.


@upthedall . Many thanks . That turn at Foyle Meats is one to remember .


Good job. It’s not the easiest to explain but def reduces the time.

Was half worried some of you fellas would end up in the back of beyond!


I ended up coming up through Campsie when i hadn’t intended - not many GAA fans there but twas grand. Really good call parking north of the ground - opposite a field of cattle with a UJ right in the middle of the field - talk about antagonism! Took the right and then headed down towards the town at the back of the stadium on a bit of a bóithrín and were back on the A505 and A5 in no time!


Dublin coming to town brings a sense of occasion.

Work with a few lads from ‘the other side’ and even they were saying about the craic around the town.

Also, for some people it was their first game and hopefully they’ll go to more now. In that sense the Super 8s has been positive.

But yes…a final would be something else.

Will the start a thread called ‘how to get to CP a quick way’!


Via Malahide and Kavanagh’s…


Less said the better…