Getting to Omagh


I will swap with you3 lad… a pregnant other half looking for a seat…


It’s the new drink from Guinness - or at least it’s brewed there.

Had one bottle and it’s ok.

Not sure about drinking with Flynn though!


No problem at all, will be leaving Dublin about 1 so will send you a message when I get there


Daller - any spots up yonder have decent WiFi? Have to log onto the work email sever during the course of the evening & don’t want to use my own data roaming if I can possibly help it. What about the SB hotel? Cheers.


Data roaming charges were done away with PD so you should be able to roam like home as they say


Fo’ reals?

I thought the rates were just reduced.


Yeah, as Joxer says there is no roaming.

I’m fit to use my allowance over in Italy and it no difference.

But best place for free Wi-fi is probably MacDonalds! It not far from town.


Spot on… leaving about 11.30 myself…


Well…safe travel to all and hope you enjoy yourselves in Omagh.

Plan to check in tomorrow to gloat about a victorious Red Hand win.


Not true as it happens. Just checked with 3 & I have a data roaming allowance I have to stay under, otherwise I get charged. I’m on a prepaid plan, not bill pay. Think that may have something to do with it. Oh well…


Well that’s against the legislation that was brought in last year. We were abroad and had no data charges at all same up in county Down in a small holiday last year. I’m with Eir which are the same as 3 aren’t they?


Yeah, but are you on a bill pay contract? I’m not. Data roaming is only free to bill pay customers. I’m not a bill pay customer. No, Eir & 3 are not the same. 3 are the old O2.


If you worried about the data threshold…

I imagine SB has Wi-fi.

Or McDs on the Dromore Road has free Wi-fi. It’s 5 mins from town centre and you can top-up on coffee.


I am, but one of the dudes with me wasn’t and he had the same service.

I thought 3 and eir were the same as they’re sold in the same shop near me… Just thought they were sister companies. Silly me!


S’ok. I’ll just park up in Dallers driveway, while he’s off away down the town, in his wee silly cap, charging gullible Dubs to park their cars. His WiFi password shouldn’t be too hard to guess.


I think once you stay inside your normal data allowance there is no extra roaming charge, it is only if you go beyond that they charge, but they would do that in the south anyway. As @Rochey says, it would be illegal otherwise.


No so if you are on a prepay plan unfort. I have unlimited data down here. If I go roaming internationally, it’s capped at a fairly small amount of GB & once you go past that, you are charged per GB used. I did an online chat session with a 3 rep & that’s what he told me. All this new legislation jiggery pokery is for people on contracts, which I am not.

S’ok. I’m not gonna worry about it. The work emails will just have to wait 'till I get home.


That’s the spirit!!


Oh, that’s a bit nasty. Mind you, I have got wrong info from those chat session guys in the past, but it can’t be risked.

For most of the journey you will get a southern signal anyway, but probably not in Omagh.


And by “work” I do genuinely mean work work and not trolling Kerry forums, from which the bang of overwhelming fear, would stun a water buffalo at 50 feet. :angel: