Getting to Omagh


No unfortunately not I would of done that if it was an option but standard delivery was only option available when buying them.


When did ya order them ? It says something along the lines of they’ll arrive 72 hours before the event .
“Where the customer has opted for postal delivery, typically posts the tickets within 72 hours of the order being placed, unless stated otherwise at the time of ordering.”
They don’t appear to have any office but are registered Office at 334 The Capel Building, Mary’s Abbey, Dublin 7,.
Wonder would it possible to go into an outlet & inquire there .


It’s a good bit longer in time. Ardee to Castleblaney not great but it’s ok from there on, there is a 2+1 road that’s good.

I never liked the Newry to Armagh road, it’s fast enough but lots of turns on and off it.

I do it nearly weekly and would never do the Newry way.


Yea I seen most of that on their website and contact us section there address will be my first port of call tomorrow morning at 9am looking for my tickets :joy::joy:

#125 always have an online ticket version, just above the postal delivery option. It says “PDF Delivery” and below that will be the Standard free delivery. PDF is the one you print yourself. Is it possible you scrolled down too far & didn’t see it?


First thing I thought when I got mine in the post was, could they not make it anymore obvious it was tickets. stamped on envelope, the envelope is a tight fit for the tickets and theirs a window in the front to view the tickets.


To be honest I was going to get them online Weds but got sorted either way. I was on the page and only gave an option for posting


Have bought tickets off multiple times and every time I used print from home option this simply wasn’t available when I purchased the tickets the other day.


That’s really weird. It’s there now for all their other GAA games.

Anyway, hope you get sorted.


Thanks ProudDub👍🏻 seen on Facebook a friend has had the same issue he rang up and was told to collect them up there at the ticket office will do the same myself in the morning and hopefully get told the same.



For anyone whose heading up early or staying up there tonight . Why they have Flynn on the panel is beyond me!


Is that the actual ticket office though ?
The address i posted ?


I noticed that same issue as above the other day when I clicked in to see if tickets were available on the other day there was no PDF option available which is always available for every other event they usually sell, seemed odd given the short space in time they would of needed to get the tickets to the customer.


Also have 2 stand tickets for the match I’ll only be going into the terrace either way so if anyone wants to swap before hand to sit down feel free to drop us a pm


Isn’t it great that there can be pre game events attracting both sets of fans. Long may it continue


I presume Bernard Flynn will be wearing a Tyrone jersey? :wink::wink:


Presume he’s the lounge boy?


Sallys has to be the spot. It’s painted on the roof of the shed behind the goal.


And what is Rockshore and do you have to drink it in Flynn’s company?