Getting to Omagh


They’re right.

Sally’s a good spot on a sat night with mixed crowd…upstairs for younger ones…and down stairs for older ones…who then try getting into upstairs after a few drinks when they think they’re young again!


Spoken like a man who has pulled this stunt on many more occasions than one …


You’re damn right!! Until you hear the famous ‘you’re not 18 anymore’.

Yes dear. Coming now.


So that’s what I’m wondering, they’ll just take €5 or thereabouts for a pint so will they?

Driving up and back (passenger) so will only be having one or two pints, don’t intend going getting sterling.


I doubt they’ll even accept € bud


Really? … Surely with an influx or Dubs on the way they’ll be shrewd enough to cash in… I’d be shocked if any pub or venue turns away business…

@upthedall can you confirm?


They will take euros.

But notes only.


And will give back change in sterling


Most of the shops will take Euro - but as lads said you’ll get change in stg.

You’re as handy just to use contactless to save you have a ball of change.


Bring up a bag of Dutch Gold and spend nothing …


@upthedall Staying with the classy theme that has dominated threads here this week, I am looking to go in the back way as such … are there any areas/estates one should avoid in a 182 D ref Merc? Specially up around the hospital/Mountfield areas.


Refs have Mercs now?

Jayzus. Didn’t know the pay was that good.


Good question. I’ve a decent yolk myself (still bloody paying for it) and never any bother.

I usually park where there’s a good lot of cars - just feel it’s safer on probability.

But if you park on the Killybracken Rd behind the stadium you should be grand as there are police there as well.

If you makes you feel better…a friend of mine has the new e class and he parks around theee for every game with no bother.


Was thinking more of the fleg boys than the common or garden toe rag


I see!

Well those developments are nationalist so you’re grand.

The fleggers are out towards Campsie…you’ll see the flags and more flags.


is it better to go through Dundalk, Newry, Armagh or to turn off after Drogheda via Castleblaney, Monaghan. Google maps showing similar times but on a match day is there bottlenecks on either route?


I would stick to the motorway up via Newry and Armagh. I’ve heard the Ardee to Monaghan road is very dangerous and has had numberous fatal collisions over the last few years so I’d advise to stay away. Any issues on that dangerous stretch would have serious impact on travel time up


Newry to Armagh not the best - can get stuck behind agricultural ve-hicles and then you have to go through Armagh town itself (not a city imo - nor is Newry).


Ordered 3 tickets off expected them to be here in today’s post no sign. Rang tickets they told me to email saying there will be a person there responding to mails all evening. After many emails to many different email addresses no reply and obviously phone lines for closed. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to go and collect copies somewhere in the morning before i head up?


Can ya not get them as printouts , was that not an option ?