Getting to Omagh


The Tyrone Association Dublin do a bit fund raising up here.

They’d a big do in CP last year…

I suppose a good way of keeping in touch if you’re away from home.


Its a great idea , the old man was a prominant member of the Roscommon Supporters club in Dublin . Great way to keep in touch with lads working up in the big smoke & chew the fat.


For sure.

Especially coming from a rural setting and living in a city the size of Dublin. People can feel isolated.

A great way of keeping contact with home and following the football.

They organised a dinner in CP last year for the different tyrone teams.

I’d imagine other counties have something similar there.


Hard to believe it’s ten years since ye won Sam. That was 6 mad years - 3 Sams! Impressive stuff.


Brilliant teams under a brilliant manager. A bit Wenger since then has been poor auld Mickey.

A lovely man though. I know I’ll get slated for that as he has supported some more than dubious causes in his time, but I’ve met him quite a few times and he was genuinely a lovely man. He was so comforting at a tough time too. He knows a thing or 2 about grief also. Nothing but admiration for him.


And it was some decade to take on that Kerry team. They’d some players.

But it’s even more scary to think how the game has changed since then.

2 in a row was considered special…with no-one thinking 3 was possible.

But after 2008 and 2009…who’d have thought we’d be talking about Dublin going for 4 in a row…and Kerry nearly eliminated?


Pat of me would like to see him have a great season - maybe reach an AI Final…then call it a day.

At one stage it looked like he could get forced out the way Wenger was.

But he lives and breathes tyrone football. And I think after Michaela…it keeps him sane. I feel for him.

Maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome…but many fans are also concerned that they’ll go the way of other counties if he leaves. Tyrone are no world beaters but at least they’re competitive under MH.




I got to admit I just thought Kerry would carry on.

They seemed to find new talent every year.

Even now I have an innate fear of them…I said before you need to stick a dagger in their heart to finish them off.

I heard the music from the Omen when Clifford got that equaliser.


Very reminiscent of the goal JOD got against Mayo in '14. Heard a good line where it was a couple of minutes which might have saved Kerry football , it might have set them back a few years had they lost.


30 seconds away from obscurity…Kerry are now favourites to being in AI semi.

I could’ve cursed Monaghan.

But they could be out of the pan and into the fire.

If Dublin can find their mojo…they’ll hammer Kerry.


I wouldn’t write of Monaghan. I can see them beating Galway.


Hope you’re right.

But talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Kerry are screwed , the executioner is waiting. Fitzmaurice is clueless and his back room team. Even the Yerras are embarrassed by Hassett s antics.


When i think of lrelands Hero’s, Napper tandy, Tone, Emmet,Pearce. Thomas Clarke is the man I love when I think of 1916. Such a staunch and educated Rebublican , others get more recognition . But without this man nothing would of got started.


Leave off him. He’s doing a great job.


owner of notebook has come forward
Great attention to detail and no nonsense attitude in his reply, which resser is he ?.


Hurling supporter first eh? That rules out about 99% of us here. :wink:


I for one think agent fitzmaurice is doing a fine job.


Agree… much more personable than 'oul cranky features.