Getting to Omagh


He has an I-pad now.


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There is a couple in the Season Ticket section that have a diary like that. Every game I’ve seen them without fail they fill in all the details… it’s always fascinated me. I haven’t seen her for a while mind you but I’ll keep an eye out at the Roscommon game and if I see her I’ll ask her if it’s hers.


yeah … good man … :wink:


If it’s full of odes to Davy Byrne it’s defo it’s Ohm s,


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It did cross my mind it might have been yours.


Is it this lads?

Jim somebody other…


Story in today’s Irish News about Dublin’s Mayor who was invited up to Omagh.

WHEN the Tyrone diaspora in Dublin travelled home for the weekend’s Super 8 contest they brought a special guest of honour with them - the capital’s Lord Mayor.

Councillor Neil Ring was invited to Omagh by Clonoe man Nick Hughes on behalf of the Tyrone Association Dublin.

Despite being there to cheer on the opposition he was promised a warm welcome, and the Red Hand county did not disappoint.

The initial greeting, however, came from Dublin fans also travelling to the game, who recognised the famous ‘18 D 1’ registration and waved flags and sounded car horns.

When they party stopped off at the Silver Birch hotel, Mr Ring was surrounded by both Dublin and home fans, before being formally welcomed to the ground

“I was treated fabulously,” he said.

"I had my chain on and King Billy is on it, because it was commissioned by him in 1698. The joke was made that it’s the first time King Billy has been to a Gaelic football match in Omagh.

"There was a super atmosphere. I was really delighted with the reception that they gave.

After the game, Mr Ring went onto the pitch to congratulate the players of both teams.

Mr Ring is on his way to becoming an honorary Tyrone man, having the distinction of being the councillor who tabled the successful motion to have a recent bridge over the Liffey named The Thomas Clarke Bridge.

“The Dungannon connection was well-known,” he said.

"And he was one of the leaders with no major piece of infrastructure named after him.

“My only connection is with the 1916 Rising, my grandfather and his four brothers would have known Thomas Clarke.”


Never knew about a bridge being on the Liffey named after Thomas Clarke.

That’s the name of the club in Dungannon…the Clarkes.


Wonder what his opinions are on Israel & Hewlett Packard…


Have to say I’d to google him.

Mind you…I’d have to google to see who my local mayor is.


Hopefully not an embarrassment like the last lad.
Looks like he’s off to a good start anyway !


Was wondering what he was doing on the pitch after the match on Saturday.


So Tyrone had a bit of a mayor on Saturday night …


Did he bring the aul ball & chain?


He’s one of the Drumcondra Mafia.


Bertie’s mob?