Getting to Omagh


Yep it did - forgot that!! Was trying to think what Des Kelly’s at top of Whitworth was - think it may have been a garage??? Although the Porterhouse across the road was a tyre place so maybe not.




Jaysus …


God. That looks grim.


Twas … Twas. Can’t remember which one I saw Chitty Chitty in?!? Maybe the Boh? Another very early one in the State was Jaws!


I saw the Wombles live in one of those cinemas, not sure which one though…


It was a 7/Eleven for a while in the late 80s/very early 90s IIRC


Uncle Bulgaria maybe?


So did I when I was about 4or 5 which was in 1975/76. I think it was in Camden street where it’s now a hotel/superpub thingy called the palace. Was Ricardo s snooker hall for years. I m sure it was there.


The very same.

For some reason I remember it as Phibsboro but I was only 4 or 5 too.


Wasn’t the State the one that was called ‘The Ranch’ at one time because of all the cowboy films they showed ?


Never heard that tbh - that’s not to say it wasn’t though.


Might have been before our time.


I suppose it was very near to Cabra and that was the Wild West …



Could be Ohms…


You can rule that out, he has always been a mayo supporter.


I’d say that belongs to a journo.


You can rule that out, the hand writing is too good. That it’s only Dublin football and hurling I would say it’s just a true blue who likes his " facts" , which would also rule out a journo.


Is it Eamon Fitz’s?