Getting to Omagh


He frightened the bejaysus (another Dublinism) out of me too. Actually saw it in the cinema so a 20ft tall child catcher looming over you saying loooollipops is a terrifying vision for chissler…


That’s bloody awful. How did you ever survive that? I only ever saw it on the telly, thanks be to Christ !


Hasn’t been easy tbh, I’d rather face Freddy Kruger or one of those slasher movie baddies than that fcuker with the lollipops…


I’ll see you Freddie Kruger and raise you Jaws 1, 2 & 3, Carrie and Arachnophobia over that creepy fcuker !


First film I ever saw … Chitty Chitty in the State in Phibsboro … circa 1972 perhaps … :flushed:


Fizzbra had a cinema? Where?


My older bro, not a spring chicken by any manner of means, was sending me videos of the session/sing-song in Sally’s on the monday morning. Maybe that’s when he got around to sending them, or maybe they were all still in there, who knows but it looked great.


Yis all lost me after the “…in the Hogan” bit.


Des Kelly’s the caaaarpet maaaaaaaaan! They should re-open it for one night only to show the Mattress Mick flick…


Who told ya you were wicked as a child? Explains alot… Agreed about the Oz witch, it’s no coincidence considering the our experiences in the gah over the decades that it was the wicked witch of the WEST! The ‘black north’ never really held that fear for us


Right, time to exlplain, who up there in the name o jaysus (Copyright @Dublinisms) was responsible for producing the abomination that is…The Donkey?


One of Mrs AliveOh’s all-time faves:

Personally I think it was the G&T reference. Which reminds me, ALDI produced a couple of great ads a few years about. They didn’t get shown for long.Probably because they were that rarest of creations, actually genuinely witty and clever ads.


That’s Rath Eanna lads for ya, just pure class. :wink:


His late Mam was a Glasnevin woman.




All I can hear in my head now is…


Was there a 2nd picture house in Fizzbra near to Doyle’s corner?


Well, I never. Just up from the Brian Boru? Musta’ been before my time.


Aye - the Bohemian … or flea pit as we called it. Around where Woodstock is now.


No the State was down the NCR - the building before you go down that little park to the Reservoir. If you have a good look at it coming up from the Mater it’s a typical old cinema building.


Yeah. That’s where I was thinking of. Remember going with the brother to see Elvis’s ‘That’s The Way It Is’ there in 197howzerfather.

Did it become an ice skating rink later on?