Getting to Omagh


This is the truth…

Lots of kids wear Dub jerseys up here. My own kids included.

I just think it’s the blue colour that’s very universal.

They also have Donegal, Kerry and the away Mayo.

Was up in O’Neills before we went on holiday…and there’s a far bigger range of Dublin tops (quarter zips etc) than Tyrone.


Any chance it could be the players that


One of the Problems with the Tyrone top is it seems to only come in two sizes, tight and tighter.


Our lady folk are resourceful.

They made sure only the good players were ‘selected’.

However, the likes of the pizza munchers - no names mentioned - only get chatted up by the local fluzies.


Mods…what’s the craic with adding a dislike button?

F**k sake.

I feel like Trump ready to tweet another threat.


Ah well…

At least I didn’t go with the nuclear option and go with “multiple” All Ireland winner…

There’s no comin’ back from that.


Calm down Kev you’re on your hols…


True story.

Tried on a player-fit jersey (size L) that was on the sale rack in O’Neills.

Thought it would be good on holiday…and it cheap too.

Word of advice for yee men:

Never, ever try a player fit jersey and help my campaign to get O’Neills to make a jersey for the bigger gentleman.


Got to admit PD, that was very good.

But like the witch from the wizard of oz…i’ll bide my time.


This wan?

Yeah, I can see the similarity alright


Burnt tummy last two years on hols. 13 year old tells me ‘of course it’s gonna burn when you’re lying down … it’s the nearest part of you to the sun …’ :neutral_face:



Was more thinking of Margaret Hamilton who played the witch of the west.

Edit: just copped on you meant the similarity to me! I’m slowing up.


Trick is to scare them…eat all your vegetables or you’ll end up like this!


My fella eats broccoli raw.

Mainly cos his Ma isn’t a great cook mind you …


Green with envy at all our medals are we?

Can’t say I blame you really.



God damn that is very witty miss PD.

Stumped for a reply!

That witch terrified me as a kid…oh my beautiful wickedness.


S’ok. I still can’t watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The Child Catcher.

Sweet suffering Jesus !


Wait wait wait…got one.

She could fly through the Sky only they reduced it by 2m?

I know. Bad.


Yeah he scared the dung out of me.

But the WofO got to be the best.


Nah. Saw CCBB first & it ruined me for any other villains. Well at least until Lee Keegan came along.