Getting to Omagh


We stayed in ballygawley which was a short 15 min drive into Omagh, the owner of the apartment even drove us into the town!! Anyone we bumped into was GAA mad there, didn’t see any other dubs staying there which was strange. Headed to Sally’s around 4pm and the atmosphere was great as the dubs took over the front bar. Ended up back their after the match with a mixed crowd but no trouble whatsoever with everyone just having the craic, a lot of the Tyrone team were in the nightclub upstairs at the end of the night. The younger members anyways. Big police presence outside after closing which was different to what we would be use too. But overall there seems to be great respect between both counties and they were great hosts in omagh and surrounding towns.


Things have improved greatly since the Hogan stand in 2008. That was one of my worst experiences going to games. The level of hate and violence was shocking. It pissed rain, but me and the missus walked down from under cover to get away from it. Both sets of fans involved were obnoxious louts.


Was in the Hogan unusually for that game. It was spiteful . The mates brother got into a verbal one with a Tyrone lad who started it off. A shite day all around.


I see Sky have asked Wimbledon if they can reduce the court dimensions to that they can get more equipment in. The All England tennis club said ok so next year the doubles lines will be removed and the court will be reduced by 4.5ft either side for Sky.


We had a few verbals in the Cusack but ended up chatting amicably and shaking hands on leaving. We were destroyed in fairness.

Definitely good respect between the counties in my experience since - with us winning nearly all the time!! Be interested to hear what the reaction has been since locally @upthedall. One thing about the Dubs is they are spenders - and decent with it. I’d say the Special Olympics collected a fair few bob on Saturday night.


Jayus , had a bad experience that day too in the Hogan in '08 , after '09 ive never set foot there again.


I got a sense from Tyrone people , that it was relief after the game that they held their own and werent hammered. So no built up tension.
Have to say I really enjoyed the whole day , I went with wife and two kids and locals couldn’t have been friendlier.


Genuinely great to hear so many of you enjoyed yourselves.

There’s definitely a novelty factor with the Dublin band wagon rolling into town.

And whether you love them or hate them…they bring colour and atmosphere…and lots of support.

I’d say the Ulster Herald will have a write up as not too much happens around Omagh.

But people around these parts are mad into football. Tyrone has similar demographics to Laois but still manage to compete.

But first and foremost this was about playing the AI champs and measuring yourself against them. Because of that, there was a big match occasion and lots of anticipation.

I spoke to a few friends and said they had deadly banter with the Dubs in Sally’s. All good natured. Wouldn’t be surprised if a few mobile numbers weren’t exchanged.

And Omagh is a good place to hang out. Definitely improved over the years.


Relief is a key word.

I couldn’t emphasise enough the importance of not being hammered.

It’s given a lot more belief that the job can be done in Ballybofey.


I used to work with Juliet Turner’s sister many many years ago. Lovely girl. Would love to know where she ended up.


Juliet Turner as in ‘I’ll take the money and run’?

It’s funny how she keeps the Omagh accent in her songs.

Hold is pronounced ho-ild…and road is ro-id.


That’s the girl - she also recorded Let’s Hear it for Pizza which was a tribute to @dcr22B I think.


Really great to see, the respect of the supporters and the generosity of the players.



And not forgetting…’Christ eat that quick, there’s fat chops licking his lips’.


That’s so cool - look at the lad with his arm behind Fenton.

It’s what it’s all about.


Yeah it’s all really nice till they ask daddy for a dubs geansaí, ouch.


That new Tyrone jersey is nice.

The worst one was the Hunky Dory - looked awful.

But the ‘t’ blends in well…and they’re based in ballygawley too.


Always had massive respect for Tyrone’s GAA set up. Even after 2008, won’t change. The chaos, the pain they caused us. Great respect for MH too, a lovely man.

That said, love to face them in CP for the final. Would love it!


Think of all the wee Dubs running around there in a couple of years … :wink:


Sure when else are they gonna get to stand beside an All Ireland medal winner? :blush: