Getting to Omagh


Travelled up and back on that dorgans coach from Quinn’s, 4 and a half hours going up and God knows how long to get back, Quinn’s was shut when I finally got off the bus outside anyway.
Few angry punters on the bus letting the driver know exactly how they felt, 6:40 getting off the bus in Omagh.


Did it not leave Dublin on time? Thought 2pm, was a very late departure time, given the need for bathroom breaks, traffic in Omagh etc etc


Left Quinn’s about 2:15


Spent the night up there and had a Great day altogether, only 1 downside was the clown standing beside me for the second half. He did his best to wind people up, shouting in an aggressive manner towards the Tyrone people beside us, He wasn’t cheering he was being obnoxious. He then thought racist references would be funny, a complete embarrassment who is best ignored which is what we all did (us and the Tyrone people beside us). Unfortunately this clown had a blue Dublin jersey but I wouldn’t be referring to him as a Dublin supporter in any case, pity there’s always one Gobshite. Aside from that, it was a wonderful athmosphere and occasion throughout the town, That Hever Lee is a strong beer mind you :wink:


You wonder why people like that bother going to games.

Did you go out that night in Omagh or outside of the town?


Went back to main street Market again for an hour or 2, walked up to Sallys too after that but decided against going in, some young one spralled out on the path not aware what day of the week it was, Bouncers picking her up off the floor definitely a younger generation in there, Anyway jumped in a taxi after that back to silverbirches for couple of nightcaps.


Ha. Sounds good.

Yeah the upstairs part in Sally’s is very young but the downstairs lounge has an older crowd…and no crap music.

I remember Sally’s when it was Sally O’Briens and even then it was stuffed with young ones.

Sounds like you’d fun anyways…minus the hangover.


I was on the Dorgans bus too. The first problem was using 2 double decker buses that were not suitable for this journey. The second problem was the drivers took the the N53 just beyond Castlebellingham Service Station. This road was not suitable for double decker buses. The fact that the buses were barely able to climb the hills was comical to see although we did overtake a milk float on the way home. Someone must of had word in the drivers ear as we came back via Ardee but still took 3 and a half hours on the way home.

We did have a good day out but I wouldn’t recommend this bus company for a Dublin away trip again.


Using buses that are limited to 65 km/h when previously engaged on Dublin Bus duty does not a speedy journey make.


Remember going on the Mount Argus bus in 80s and there were always some imbeciles that turned up late for return journey so you’d be getting back too late for a pint.

FODH are properly strict. No hanging around and will stop on way. Joeys and Barrs used to run minibuses which were good crack and no messers. Too much hassle for clubs I suppose.


Especially buses loaded with people who scoff whole pizzas to themselves…cough cough !


Cough cough, I was driving now back in your (2 metre narrower) box :wink:


@dcr22B Not a big fan of d’aul commas or full stops? :laughing:


Oh it’s like that is it?

Well at least our pizza boxes are 20cm wider.

That’s right. I’m really struggling to reply back with something insulting.


Not unless they’re toppings on a pizza.


Going the full Oscar on it are we? :grin:


Oscar Pistorius?

You haven’t a leg to stand on there mate !


I see Sky have asked the British Open for some of the course for their equipment at next year’s competition. They agreed so there will now be just 15 holes in play each of the four days.


There was one lad late on our bus then to rub salt in he didn’t bring beer, as for the clown who delayed the bus on the way back to get a pizza…


Ok, now that I’ve stopped laughing at Comrade Daller’s spirited defence of MH, allow me to thank him for his excellent tourist advice, especially as he was away himself, whilst tending to our every need & whim. So sorry that Dublin Airport effed up his young fellas day in the spotlight at HP. Commiserations chungfellit.

Went up via the M1 & then Armagh - Dungannon - Cookstown. Leetle birdy told me we’d avoid all the traffic going that way & he was dead right. On the last leg from C’town, we had the road to ourselves for the most part. Gorgeous stretch of dead straight road thru the Central Sperrins. Added about 15 extra miles to the trip, but it was well worth it, for such a lovely relaxing drive. Got a grand parking spot in the SB hotel. Great set up, lovely staff, non rip off prices for grub. Some of our own Croker adjacent establishments down here, could learn a thing or two from them. Had a wee wander around the town. Deadly vibe all-around the place. Great craic in the fan zone.

No drama at the match. The usual banter. Left straight after. Not a traffic cop to be seen anywhere after. Thought that was v weird, as they were out directing traffic after the February league game, for a much smaller crowd. Took the 2nd or 3rd left (Mountfield Rd?) after leaving the hotel, then right onto Arleston Rd & from there just followed the traffic to the A505 roundabout & then the A5. Traffic was bumper to bumper, but it kept moving & we woz up to a daycint clip in no time at all. Stopped in the chipper in Aughnacloy - as you do - and then on home through the stony grey soil of Monaghan, happy & content at a day well spent.