Get It Off Your Chest


I’m looking for tickets for the Cure in Hyde park and even Limpey Lionel the ticket tout can’t get them so wonder can he source them


You should have seen some of the yarns he spun me through PMs in the past . Shyster of the highest order .


… and following on…


Now that’s a gig!


Now that’s what you call a proper sentence for sub human scum like him (apart from hanging form the end of a rope of course)

175 years


Some line up

The Cure Plus Special Guests Interpol, Goldfrapp, Editors, Ride, Slowdive, The Twilight Sad & more TBA!


I was in a tribute band for them once, we were called prevention.

Some said we were better than the cure…


That’s appallingly good.


In the brilliant immortal words of the immortally once brilliant WB…

“Baddum, and indeed, Tish”


This is for real , the owner made $100 million off this cat through the company she setup following the meme going viral


Might have known that a Tory minister was in attendance…


Letter arrived this morning , Eir bill going up by €5 .Changing our plan for phone calls even though we don’t use the landline at all :unamused:


You can walk away from that contract


Yeah , I know people hate Eir but for me the broadband is excellent . I actually have zero complaints about the service . I’m not sure there’s a better option out here which is disappointing .


VIrgin and sky all use the same infrastructure can you nit get the same speed of them


No virgin here . Might look into sky alright .


Must… Resist…


I know , the urge was strong :stuck_out_tongue:


Virgin have their own infrastructure as far as I know


Largely untouched usually …