Get It Off Your Chest


We are all doing it wrong anyway, getting ourselves all mortgaged up to the hilt to pay it off, MAYBE around the time you die, if you live that long! A facebook friend of mine, someone I went to school with, neither her or her husband works, well he does deliveries for the chipper at weekends which Im sure is all declared, anyway, she has pictures up every week of the parties they were at or had the night before, a lot of them in their very well decorated houses. Yesterday, she put up a picture of them heading off to Portugal for a week without the kids. She was in NYC in December and was in Portugal at least twice last year too, with the whole (5 kids I think) family. You got to know the system!


Well , you adapt , upskill , change careers .
Have you any examples of these changes . As I said , you would need some level of AI to carry out certain tasks .
Yes , people in the manufacturing industry will lose their jobs but as I said , people will also be needed to maintain the robots .


Autonomous vehicles will disrupt 13 million with all due respect jobs in the UK economy.


You mean self driving ? And what job are they going to take the place of , drivers ?
The time I hear of an autonomous artic on the road is the time to get the ■■■■ off it .
Have you heard of the accidents caused by them .
I’ll take human cognitive thinking over AI on the road any day .

“Today’s systems aren’t perfect. They demand human oversight and can’t handle everything the real world throws at them. But they’re already saving lives.”


I’d imagine in a very few short years the technology used in autonomous vehicles will be far safer than humans behind the wheel.

The day of a universal wage are not far off to deal with the loss of jobs to autonomous machines


Yes , it probably will but you see the first major accident involving them & a subsequent recall .
It could bury the industry too.


At least Dublin will be All-Ireland champions.


Looks like a certain bird of prey is still up to his old tricks


The haulage industry in the UK. There’s a number of articles on the very relatively soon affects of it. The fact that UBI schemes are being trialled globally only goes to prove it’s very close


I genuinely fear for that but I’ll look up about it .


Wouldn’t put it past him.


What’s coddle, he might muse.


Jesus , he should be locked up at this stage :angry:. He obviously didn’t learn his lesson.


How is he not in a shallow grave at this stage?


“Don’t condone violence at all but apparantly he has been attacked 3 times over the last while, once fairly bad very recently .”


He’d only rise up from the flames like a falcon. Sorry, phoenix.



“Don’t condone violence at all but apparantly he has been attacked 3 times over the last while, once fairly bad very recently .”

An occupational hazard when you are ripping people off, especially with some of the horror stories I’ve seen of people who were left high and dry, in a foreign city with their kids and no tickets.


His neck would still be sticking out


Cost of doing business


That’s mad.

Can he get tickets to the United game?