Get It Off Your Chest


Then you have the likes of this


Now back to wankaaars comment earlier. If he thinks people need to be driven by that pressure to an unhealthy state it just goes to show you what a pox he and his ilk are


No - but bank of Ireland gave me a 92% mortgage on a house worth 320K - when i bought a house for 297k they gave me 92% of 320k - so i effectively had a 98% mortgage or so. When you are 26 and hadn’t a bean prior to buying this house you took it as the house prices would rise.

@JJF i am in the landlord scenario , long story short , i add to the mortgage each month and along with all the other bills to keep houses going i charge a reasonable rent to a decent family that is in the house and at the end of it have a tax bill of a couple of thousand - if something essential goes , it gets replaced straight away - if its not essential i get round to it when i have the money to do it. I’ll prob sell the house this year as while it might be an investment long term , i need to enjoy the short term aswell.


Low income families are totally priced out of the market . Don’t want to open the hornets nest again but I think it’s a good thing , if possible , that parents help their kids out . You’d do the same for yours in they were stuck .


I’m not getting into a hypothetical question about my kids. However. A 320k mortgage over thirty years is an initial 12k per year in interest only. Without putting a stick of furniture in. That’s criminal


That’s not a new thing though.


Of course . People have to be realistic in regards to taking out a huge mortgage. If they are priced out of the market they should consider looking / relocating to somewhere more inline with what they can afford . Travelling permitted .
I know lots of people burned during the boom buying houses they thought they could afford to keep up with the Jones .



These are 3 bedroom houses. The people that went for the 5 bed detached I’m not going to lose sleep over. But if you’re trying to raise a family in a modest home close to available work it’s shouldn’t drive you to the edge. That’s where I believe government have a responsibility


I agree. But what can you do when he thinks this affordable.


What do you propose is the solution ?
The government should build more affordable housing . Demand drives the prices . I think they dropped the first time buyers deposit from 20% to 10%.


Outside of using the vast banks of government land to build housing that’s all the should do to try to remove some of the demand. As for making changes to the market they should just walk away and not touch. Their interference has only led us to where we are. Please note the context to which the comments here began. Wankaaar wanting people to sell their souls for a shoebox


Do you think a central agency should be in charge of building public / social / affordable housing or that left to local county councils?

I agree we should use all public land banks to solve the supply and demand.


I wouldn’t leave anything to county councils given their history of wanton corruption


His comments were a harsh truth imo. It’s not something we want to hear but might be an only option (s).


What happens when machine learning has taken 500k jobs out of the economy as predicted by 2025-2030?


Do what I used to do in a past life . Train to repair & maintain these machines . They can’t fix themselves , someone will always be needed for maintenance.
Also , who is to know what line of different / new professions might be then . 20 years ago there was no social media . No Facebook , Twitter , etc. Look at all the jobs created because of that .


New jobs will taken by the AI too.


Looks like it’s all over for us as a species so.

Oh well.


I was an equipment tech for nearly 10 years . No amount of AI could carry out the repairs I had to do .
It just wouldn’t be possible . If they redesign the automated machines , maybe , but doubtful .
But things will always break down , mean time to failure.Parts have to be changed , replaced . Unless we have something out of I,Robot those jobs will still be there .


And just like Liam Neeson. That requires a very distinct skill set. The short to mid term changes predicted by this digital revolution are incredible. The short term negative effects will be catastrophic for many.